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What is the theme of feathered friend?

What is the theme of feathered friend?

The theme of the story “Feathered Friend” is that the oldest and simplest solutions are better than the expensive ones. Explanation: “Feathered Friend” is a short science fiction written by Arthur Clarke. The story is about a yellow canary, Claribel, who saves the lives of the astronauts in the space.

Why is the canary our feathered friend?

Answer 6: In the past, miners used to carry canaries into the mines to warn them of gas. Had it not been for Claribel, everyone would probably have passed out because of the obnoxious gases. Hence, a canary is called our ‘Feathered Friend’.

How does the narrator discover Claribels presence feathered friend?

How does the narrator discover Claribel’s presence? By hearing Claribel whistle in the morning. Why does Sven bring Claribel onboard? To see how she would react to no gravity.

How does the title of feathered friend hint at one theme of the story?

How Does the title of “Feathered Friend” hint at one theme of the story? It suggests that Claribel’s existence is important to the crew. It points out one key difference between birds and humans. It reminds the reader of the delicate nature of animals.

What happens after the crew revives Claribel in feathered friend?

What happens after the crew revives Claribel in “Feathered Friend”? The crew waits in hushed silence. She flies around the space station. She chirps but then keels over again.

Why did Sven keep the bird a secret from his colleagues?

Claribel practically had no weight and ate almost nothing. She was also not worried by the absence of gravity. So, Sven had brought Claribel on board the space ship out of sheer scientific curiosity. He wanted to see how a bird would operate when it had no weight but could still use its wings.

What is the meaning of feathered friend?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English feathered friendinformal a bird – used humorously → featheredExamples from the Corpusfeathered friend• No gratitude came from feathered friends. However, don’t feed your feathered friends very dry bread, desiccated coconut or salty food.

Who is the author of feathered friend?

Arthur Clarke

Where does the story take place feathered friend?

space station

Did Sven do the right thing by getting a bird into the spaceship Why do you think so?

Sven brought Claribel into the space station because he wanted to check that could a bird survive or can fly without the presence of gravity or atmosphere.

Why is Claribel a sensible choice as a pet for Sven?

Why is Claribel a sensible choice of a pet for Sven? she weighs very little and the lack of gravity does not affect her. When does the narrator first realize that Claribel is aboard the space station?

Who saved the lives on board Sven or the Canary why do you think so?

Sven was the best construction worker on the space station at the time and was a very ”wiry title fellow” which got him a bonus for being under 150 pounds unlike his counterpart Sven was smart to have Claribel as as a pet because it took close to nothing to to support her.

How was the presence of bird discovered?

Answer. Explanation: The discovery in the late 1870s of the iconic “Berlin specimen” of Archaeopteryx, complete with a set of reptilian teeth, provided further evidence. Like Cope, Huxley proposed an evolutionary relationship between birds and dinosaurs.

What is the most likely reason that early spacers were wiry little fellows?

What is the most likely reason that “early spacers” were described as“wiry little fellow[s]”? Both space and supplies on the space station are limited.

What does wiry little fellows mean?

lean and sinewy

Why is the selection of Claribel sensible?

ans)The narrator felt that Sven’s selection was very sensible because Claribel weighed practically nothing,her food requirements were minimal and she was not worried as most animals would have been by the absence of gravity.

What causes the failure of the alarm that was intended to warn about air quality?

What causes the failure of the alarm that was intended to warn about air quality? The second alarm circuit hadn’t been connected up at the time. They may not find the fainted canary or realize that the air is not working. The canary can also die for other reasons, causing a false alarm.

What two things made Sven’s construction job more difficult?

Sven was missing from breakfast because he was looking for Claribel. Claribel was found in a stunned state and Jock Dancan could not hear a heartbeat. Someone said to give her a oxygen from oxygen mask which served as an oxygen tent for Claribel.

Who was Claribel?

Answer: Claribel is the daughter of the King of Naples. Her marriage was the indirect cause of the disasters which have happened to Alonso and his friends (cf. II.

Who is the Queen of Tunis?


Who is Claribel and to whom is she married?

Claribel is the daughter of King Alonso of Naples in Southern Italy and the sister of Ferdinand. She has lately married the King of Tunis in North Africa, and Alonso, Sebastian, Ferdinand, Antonio, Gonzalo etc were crossing the Mediterranean on their way home from the wedding in Africa when they were shipwrecked.