What is the theme of the book okay for now?

What is the theme of the book okay for now?

The theme of “Okay for Now” has to do with optimism in the face of adversity, and the sense that, however bad things might be at any given moment, the future will be better. This optimism is not based on dumb luck, but on trust and hard work.

Who is Mr Ferris in okay for now?

In Gary Schmidt’s Okay for Now, one of the most helpful adults in Doug’s life is Mr. Ferris, his science teacher. One way in which Mr. Ferris helps Doug is by comforting Doug through letting him…

What happens to Lil in okay for now?

In fact, the word ‘cancer’ is never mentioned in the story. According to the text, we initially discover that Lillian is sick when she cannot play the part of Helen Burns in the Broadway play. At the end of Chapter Nine, Doug finds out that Lil has been admitted to the hospital.

How old is Doug from okay for now?


What is the genre of okay for now?


Is there a sequel to The Wednesday Wars?

Okay for Now

Author Gary D. Schmidt
Pages 368
ISBN 978-0-8
Preceded by The Wednesday Wars
Followed by Just Like That

When was okay for now published?


What does Doug Swieteck look like?

Doug Swieteck ( Sometimes called Skinny Delivery Boy or Skinny Doug by various people) is a boy who moved with his family to Maryville. Doug is thin, tall, and dark haired. Doug is stubborn when it comes to situations and sometimes cries in the end. He is sometimes uncontrollable which leads to bad things.

Why does Mrs Baker hate Holling?

Baker is Holling’s seventh grade teacher at Camillo Junior High School. Holling believes that Mrs. Baker hates him because he’s the only Presbyterian student and therefore, he spends his Wednesday afternoons with her alone instead of attending religious study like his Jewish and Catholic classmates.

What is the conflict in Wednesday wars?

The main conflict in the book Wednesday Wars is Holling Hoodhood’s struggle to grow up. In order to do this, Holling must learn to view things from perspectives other than his own, and, most difficult of all, he must acquire the wisdom to discover his own identity and the courage to stand up to his father.

Is The Wednesday Wars a true story?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Wednesday Wars is a 2007 young adult historical fiction novel written by Gary D. Schmidt, the author of Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy. The novel is set in suburban Long Island during the 1967–68 school year.

Why is Mrs Bigio mean to Mai Thi in the lunch line?

Why is Mrs. Bigio mean to Mai Thi in the lunch line? Mrs. Bigio is mean to Mai Thi because she blames “her people” (the Vietnamese) for the death of her husband.

What is the theme of Wednesday wars?

The main themes in The Wednesday Wars include transformation, the power of literature, and love and friendship. Transformation: The Wednesday Wars is Holling coming-of age-story. In the course of a year, his sister runs away, his father loses a big contract, and Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated.

What do the strawberries symbolize in the Wednesday wars?

What do the strawberries represent in Wednesday Wars? The love that Mr. Baker has for Mrs. Baker and the hope that he will be home soon.

What do the cream puffs symbolize in the Wednesday wars?

The image of the cream puffs is another one linked with the war and is meant to transmit the idea that while the countless men left to fight in Vietnam, their families received little to no support from their communities and the help they got was largely symbolic.

What is the genre of the Wednesday wars?

Historical Fiction

Who is the antagonist in the Wednesday wars?

Baker is going to be the antagonist of the story. But already by halfway through the novel, it is clear that Holling and Mrs. Baker are establishing a very good and healthy student/teacher relationship.

Who is Mrs Bigio in the Wednesday wars?

Mrs. Bigio is the school cook at Camillo Junior High School.

What devastating news does Mrs Bigio receive?

Expert Answers Baker’s room, Mrs. Bigio comes in and shares with Mrs. Baker that her husband (Mrs. Bigio’s husband) has been killed in Vietnam.

Why does Holling compare to Shylock’s father?

Why does Holling compare his father to Shakespeare’s character, Shylock? He wonders how his dad likes it when people go down. Mrs. Baker drove him tothe hospital and Danny’s parents drove him home from the play.