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What is the theme of the heron?

What is the theme of the heron?

Conservation versus Greed At the heart of “A White Heron” lies the conflict between conserving nature and exploiting it for financial gain. The stranger wants to shoot, kill, and stuff the elusive white heron for his personal collection, and he offers Sylvia $10 to help him find it.

What is the main conflict in the white heron?

The main internal conflict is the conflict Sylvia feels about telling the whereabouts of the white heron. Sylvia’s head tells her to give up the birds location and earn both money and attention from the hunter, yet her heart is telling her to protect the bird.

What is the primary setting of the passage a white heron?

The story is set near the coast of Maine. It is set on a farm. Sylvia has moved there from the city to live with her grandmother. She has no human friends, but has a deep connection with nature…

What does the great pine symbolize in a white heron?

For others, the pine tree symbolizes the transition from social expectation to personal freedom. On the ground, Sylvia is expected to follow social norms—to hunt the white heron, to covet money, to embrace those “dreams of love” and partner with the stranger—both in the hunt and perhaps even romantically.

What is the lesson learned in the lesson by Toni Cade Bambara?

The students learn about racial and economic inequality in “The Lesson” when Miss Moore takes them to an expensive toy store. The children realize that toys for richer kids represent a whole month or year of salary for their parents.

Why is Sylvia angry in the lesson?

Before Sylvia sees the toys in F.A.O. Schwarz, she doesn’t consider “the lesson” because she has never seen and acknowledged the luxury afforded by wealth, thus never facing her own poverty. But once she compares her world with the excess she sees at the toy store, she becomes angry and resentful.

Who is the main character in the lesson?