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What is the theme of the poem unknown citizen?

What is the theme of the poem unknown citizen?

Auden’s unknown citizen is a model of conformity in a society where everyone must follow the rules if things are to run smoothly. He does all the right things. The government can produce reports to show that he did all the right things.

How does the unknown citizen question modern society?

Overall, then, Auden’s “The Unknown Citizen” reads as a cautionary tale to modern society—asking people to question the relationship between the state and the individual, and to examine whether their government upholds the right values in terms of what it means to live a good life.

What does the poet want to convey about modern society through the poem The Unknown Citizen?

Through the poem “The Unknown Citizen,” Auden wants to convey the idea that modern society is overly regimented and controlled by the state. As a result, people have become dehumanized, treated as nothing more than cogs in a gigantic machine.

What does scab mean in the unknown citizen?

Yet he wasn’t a scab or odd in his views (line 9) A scab is a worker who ruins a labor strike by returning to work before the strike has achieved its goals. Although scabs are usually considered cowardly, at least they take a stand for something, even if it’s their own personal gain.

What does the marble monument signify in the unknown citizen?

……. A marble monument marks the burial site of a citizen known only by his alphanumeric identity: JS/07 M 378. In words etched on the monument, the government praises the “Unknown Citizen” for supporting and conforming to the will of the state.

Why is it important to analyze the title of a poem?

The title might be the most important word choice of all, because it’s the first thing the reader sees, so it shapes the way the reader understands the poem. In your analysis, then, the title is a big clue: it tells you what the author wants you to be thinking about as you start reading.

What does the poet think of snakes?

The poet thinks that the snake is beautiful and graceful when she sees the snake making moves in the stream of water trying to escape from the hit by a stick. The snake is small and green and is making curves as it tries to escape the approaching stick. The poem is about the cruelty of humans on animals.