What is the theme of the story The Metamorphosis?

What is the theme of the story The Metamorphosis?

Themes in The Metamorphosis include a sudden, unexpected transformation, family duty, responsibility, and alienation, etc. Franz Kafka has shown a surrealistic transformation in an individual and its impacts on the relationships. Some of the themes from this novel have been explored below.

What themes in the metamorphosis are relevant to the experiences of someone in the situation you chose?

The themes in The Metamorphosis that are relevant to the experiences of someone in the situation I chose are again the sadness, the feeling of being a monster who does not get anything but anger from the people around them, despite not deserving it.

What does Gregor’s transformation symbolize?

Gregor’s transformation is a symbol of how he has been dehumanized by his job and family. He is treated more like an insect than a human being, so he becomes an insect. His new outward form represents how he feels on the inside. Gregor hates his job: like an ant, he endlessly toils at stressful, unsatisfying labor.

Which is the most suitable theme for the metamorphosis?

The correct answer is option B. “An unfulfilling life can leave a person feeling isolated”. Explanation: The novel “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka deals with isolation using the metaphor of a person transforming into a bug.

What is the moral lesson in the metamorphosis?

The main themes in The Metamorphosis are the burden of responsibility, isolation and alienation, and sacrifice. The burden of responsibility: Before his transformation, Gregor supports his family as a traveling salesman. Once freed of that responsibility, Gregor starts to feel like a burden to his family.

Does Gregor like being a bug?

He finds that he is at ease hiding in the dark under the sofa in his room, like a bug would, even though his body won’t fit comfortably. He also discovers that he enjoys crawling on the walls and ceiling. But Gregor’s humanity never disappears entirely.

What insect did Gregor turn into?


Why does Gregor leave his room?

The answer is A: Grete is playing the violin and Gregor wants to tell her how beautiful it sounds. One day, late in the story, he hears his sister playing the violin, and moved by the music and tenderness of his sister´s memory, he goes out of his room to tell her how beautiful the music is that she is playing.

Who discovers Gregor has died?

Who discovers Gregor’s body? The cleaning lady discovers Gregor’s body. Why does Mr. Samsa order the three lodgers out of his house?

Who finds Gregor dead?

The cleaning lady discovers Gregor’s body the next morning. The family gathers around the corpse and Grete notices how skinny Gregor had become. The father kicks the boarders out of the apartment.

Why does Gregor’s sister start crying?

Like the other family members, she’s just a voice behind a wall, trying to get Gregor to open up his bedroom door. Unlike her parents, Grete begins to moan and weep as Gregor refuses to open his door. And when things get rough—she has to work as a shopgirl by day, study at night—the fairytale is over.

What is Gregor’s relationship with his sister?

Gregor is close with his sister Grete, and she is the one who becomes his caretaker after his transformation. If this strange change had happened to her, rather than to Gregor, he would have done the same for her, as any close family member would. Gregor does not, however, have an ideal relationship with his father.

Why is the change in Grete and Gregor’s relationship?

Grete’s relationship to Gregor changes because she is constantly tired from overwork and no longer perceives Gregor as a human being. She resents being the person who has to bring Gregor his meals and clean his room—two jobs that nobody else wants to do.

How does Gregor’s sister treat him differently?

How does Gregor’s sister treat him differently from the way he is treated by his parents? She is sympathetic and empathetic. His change in appearance is too much for her or anyone to bear, but she is the one sad link to humanity that Gregor has. He has put money aside for her music lessons, and he loves her.

How does Gregor’s sister react to his transformation?

She immediately tries to console him and help him, if at all possible. Grete, the sister, begins collecting foods she believes he may now be interested in after his transformation, so that he can eat and be comfortable—including decayed vegetables, cheese, old leftovers and bones that had begun to harden.

How do the renters react to Gregor’s presence?

How do the renters react to Gregor’s presence? The renters stare at Gregor with amusement. His father attempts to drive them back into their room, but the gentleman announces that he is giving notice and will not pay for the days he has lived there. The others also give notice before treating into their room.

What circumstances in Gregor’s life might?

Gregor works a tedious, mindless job and has little meaningful interaction with other people. He is a slave to debt and other people only seem to care about his contribution to the work force. This leads to him feeling dehumanized before he even transforms into an insect.

What makes Gregor happy?

In my opinion, being lonely is what make’s Gregor happy, as long as his family is conformable. Instead of going out and have fun, he prefers to just pay close attention to his family problems. I think it is crucial to make your family feel comfortable, but not only to focus on your family.

What does Gregor’s suffering mean?

The root of Gregor’s mental illness is that he is overworked, lives with a family whom he struggles to support, and faces a looming debt to his employer brought on by his father’s actions. Gregor’s condition is a direct result of his financial and emotional burden.

What does Gregor worry about the most?

In The Metamorphosis, Gregor is most worried that his transformation into a huge insect will spell the end of his family’s tranquility, prosperity, and happiness. He is not only the sole breadwinner for the family, but he has also been working to pay off his parents’ debt to his boss.

Who cares for Gregor in the months after his physical transformation?

Explanation: Gregor’s sister took care of him after the metamorphosis. She provided him with bread and milk, which used to be his favorite, then realized he had no taste for it as an insect and provided him with rotting foods.

Why can’t Gregor fall back to sleep?

He completely fails to realize the importance of his transformation. He is annoyed, for example, that he cannot get back to sleep because he cannot turn over on his side. Gregor, in fact, is the only character who seems, emotionally, fairly unaffected by his metamorphosis.

Why can’t Gregor explain himself to anyone?

Gregor can’t explain himself to the chief clerk because the chief clerk is not listening and because Gregor’s speech is unintelligible to him. Gregor tries to remind the chief clerk that he is often the target of unfounded rumors and malicious attacks.

What was Gregor’s favorite drink before his metamorphosis?


What was Gregor’s secret dream?

Gregor becomes the family’s sole breadwinner. As much as he hates the petty and degrading concern for which he works, he is proud of providing his mother, father, and sister Grete with a nice apartment and a fairly comfortable life. He secretly dreams of sending Grete to the conservatory to study violin.

How does Gregor try to stop Grete?

Explanation: In “The Metamorphosis”, by Franz Kafka, Gregor tries to stop Grete from removing the picture of the woman from his room by covering it with his body. To protect the picture of the woman from his room, he pressed himself against the glass that held it in place.