What is the upper hand example?

What is the upper hand example?

Example sentences — The spouse who earns money outside the home often has the upper hand in the marriage. — Both teams have excellent players but our coach is better so we have the upper hand. — When we got divorced, I had the upper hand because my husband was convicted of fraud during our marriage.

Who has the upper hand?

If you have the upper hand, you have more power than anyone else and so have control: After hours of fierce negotiations, the president gained/got/had the upper hand.

What is another word for upper hand?

What is another word for upper hand?

ascendancy supremacy
dominion mastery
command domination
predominance sovereignty
preeminence primacy

How do you use upper hand in a sentence?

Example Sentences

  1. The man has an upper hand to his wife.
  2. She wanted an upper hand in the business and hence went ahead to buy all the shares that she could find in the market.
  3. The prime minister has an upper hand in the decision making and not the parliament, in such cases.
  4. The upper hand is given to those who take it.

Can you give an upper hand?

to get into a stronger position than someone else so that you are controlling a situation: Government troops are gradually gaining the upper hand over the rebels. Want to learn more?

Is upper hand one word?

noun. the dominating or controlling position; advantage: to have the upper hand in the fight.

What is the opposite of upper hand?

Near Antonyms for upper hand. detriment, stranglehold.

What means apprehend?

transitive verb. 1 : arrest, seize apprehend a thief. 2a : to become aware of : perceive She immediately apprehended the problem. b : to anticipate especially with anxiety, dread, or fear. 3 : to grasp with the understanding : recognize the meaning of.

What does exceedingly rare mean?

adv to a very great or unusual degree; extremely; exceptionally. exceeding, exceed, excitingly, excepting.

What does illogical mean?

1 : not observing the principles of logic an illogical argument. 2 : devoid of logic : senseless illogical policies. Other Words from illogical Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About illogical.

What does considerably mean?

to a noteworthy or marked extent; much; noticeably; substantially; amply.

What does tolerable mean?

1 : capable of being borne or endured tolerable pain. 2 : moderately good or agreeable : passable a tolerable singing voice.

What does differ mean?

intransitive verb. 1a : to be unlike or distinct in nature, form, or characteristics the law of one state differs from that of another. b : to change from time to time or from one instance to another : vary the number of cookies in a box may differ.

What does jolted mean?

1 : to move or cause to move with a sudden jerky motion The train jolted to a stop. 2 : to cause to be upset The bad news jolted us. jolt. noun.

What does unscathed mean?

: wholly unharmed : not injured.

What does Big differ mean?

: lead to important changes Her suggestion made a big difference in the final product.

Is differ a real word?

To differ is to be different, or to vary. Your list of favorite movies might differ from your sister’s, especially if you like romantic comedies and she likes action films.

What does I beg to differ mean?

: to politely disagree with someone You say that the candidates are essentially the same, but I beg to differ.

Is I beg to differ rude?

“I beg to differ” is relatively formal, but not as formal as “I respectfully disagree” – this formality appears, as does a lot of formality in English, by virtue either of the old-fashioned “beg to” or the parenthetical “respectfully” that breaks from the normal word order and attracts attention to itself.

What to say when someone says I beg to differ?

They sound old-timey:

  1. I beg to differ – I would like to offer a disagreement to your statement.
  2. I beg your pardon – I am apologizing for something with an added level of formality.

What does begging you mean?

to ask (someone) to give or do something; implore: He begged me for mercy. Sit down, I beg you. to take for granted without basis or justification: a statement that begs the very point we’re disputing.

What does begging life mean?

1. asking for money, food, etc. He lived by begging.

Is asking the same as begging?

As verbs the difference between ask and beg is that ask is to look for an answer to a question by speaking while beg is to request the help of someone, often in the form of money.

Is please a form of begging?

“Please” is simply the conventional term for softening requests to indicate that one is not just ordering people around. But Miss Manners is in total agreement with you that begging, on the part of those who are not in dire need, is abhorrent and unfortunately prevalent in today’s society.

What can I say instead of begging?

Some common synonyms of beg are adjure, beseech, entreat, implore, importune, and supplicate. While all these words mean “to ask urgently,” beg suggests earnestness or insistence in the asking.

How do you beg properly?

Here are the primary action steps to take:

  1. Act as if you expect to get it.
  2. Ask someone who can give it to you.
  3. Get the other person’s full attention.
  4. Be clear and specific.
  5. Ask from the heart.
  6. Ask with humor and creativity.
  7. Give something to get something.
  8. Ask repeatedly.

What do you call people who beg?

Begging (also panhandling) is the practice of imploring others to grant a favor, often a gift of money, with little or no expectation of reciprocation. A person doing such is called a beggar or panhandler.

Is it illegal to give a homeless person money?

Historically, begging and vagrancy were crimes, and homeless people who begged for money were seen as a form of social parasite. By contrast, begging is not illegal in NSW.

What is it called when a homeless person asks for money?

The definition of a beggar is a person who asks people for money or gifts to sustain himself, or is a person who is extremely poor. An example of a beggar is a homeless person.