What is the vocabulary word for castle in French?

What is the vocabulary word for castle in French?

chateau Add to list Share. A chateau is a French country house. Chateaus are large and luxurious. This is one of many English words that come straight from another language: in this case, French. A chateau is a house—or castle—in the country that’s the opposite of a shack.

Is Castle masculine or feminine in French?

Masculine nouns often end in: -eau, eg le château – castle.

Is Chateau masculine or feminine?

Chateau is a masculine noun in French.

What is the most visited castle in France?

the Palace of Versailles

What is the most beautiful chateau in France?

10 of the most beautiful châteaux in France

  1. Château de Fontainebleau. This is one of the largest French royal châteaux and definitely deserves a place on your itinerary.
  2. Château de Cruix.
  3. Château de Chenonceau.
  4. Château de Chambord.
  5. Château de Couches.
  6. Château de Versailles.
  7. Château du Clos Lucé
  8. Château de Pierrefonds.

What is the second most visited castle in France?

Château de Chenonceau

What is the biggest castle in France and the world?

Château de Chambord
Location Chambord, Loir-et-Cher, France
Address Chateau 41250, Chambord, France
Coordinates 47°36′58″N 01°31′02″ECoordinates: 47°36′58″N 01°31′02″E
Construction started 1519

Where would you go in France to see the famous castles on the river?

In French, we call it ‘La Vallée de la Loire’ as well, because the main castles are next to the river ‘La Loire’.

What country has the most castles?


What country is known for castles?

Castles popped up all over Europe to keep out both Vikings and Romans. Many castles still stand in France, Spain, and Great Britain today. Wales even has the highest number of castles per square mile. Still, no other country built as many castles as Germany.

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  • No. 8: Australia. Safest ranking: 8.
  • No. 7: Sweden. Safest ranking: 7.
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  • No. 5: New Zealand. Safest ranking: 5.
  • No. 4: Canada. Safest Ranking: 4.
  • No. 3: Norway. Safest Ranking: 3.
  • No. 2: Denmark. Safest Ranking: 2.
  • No. 1: Switzerland. Safest Ranking: 1.

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