What is the word bonk slang for?

What is the word bonk slang for?

transitive) informal. to hit. 2. slang. to have sexual intercourse (with)

Is bonk a bad word?

Chiefly British Vulgar Slang To have sexual intercourse with.

What does lets Bonk mean?

bonk verb (HAVE SEX) [ I or T ] UK humorous slang. to have sex with someone: “I never bonked him,” she claimed.

What does Bonk mean on Tik Tok?

The Brief: TikTokers are pretending to hit or “bonk” people on the head in order to fix a “malfunction,” usually an emotion or a trait someone else might deem controversial.

What does Zonk mean?

intransitive verb. : to pass out from or as if from alcohol or a drug —often used with out.

Is Zonk a real word?

zonk n. (slang) A feeling of a drug taking hold. zonk v. To hit hard.

What does wonk mean?

: a person preoccupied with arcane details or procedures in a specialized field broadly : nerd a policy wonk a computer wonk.

What is a Donk slang?

donknoun. A poor player who makes mistakes.

What does Donk mean UK?

Verb. donk (third-person singular simple present donks, present participle donking, simple past and past participle donked) (Northern England, Scotland) To moisten; dampen. (Northern England, Scotland) To drizzle.

What does Donk Donk mean?

Specifically, “donk” is the nickname for a customized 1971-76 Chevrolet Caprice or Impala. Many folks erroneously use it to describe any custom car with big wheels. The Z06 Donk can outrun a Z06 Corvette, according to Thomas.

Is Donk a bad word?

(poker, derogatory) A poor player who makes mistakes. (UK, uncountable) A sub-genre of scouse house music (from a common percussive sound used in it). (slang) To hit. He donked me on the head!

Who invented Donk?

rapper Trick Daddy

Why do they call it a Donk?

The term “donk” actually comes from the Chevy Impala. To many, this jumping creature resembled a donkey, so when this particular Chevy model started gaining traction in the custom-car industry, people started referring to them as “donks.”

Is wonky a British word?

The NOOB in there, of course, is “wonky.” I hasten to say that there are two separate, unrelated “wonky”s, one American in origin and the other (Soloski’s) British. ‘” In the form of “policy wonk,” it crossed over to Britain by 1999, when it was used in The Guardian.

What does wonky mean in England?

unsteady, shaky

Is wonky an offensive word?

As it turns out the word wonky, meant as unstable, unreliable, or defective does not appear to be derived from any term meant as a slur or insult toward any particular person or group of people. But just to make things confusing, sometimes people use the word wonky or even wonkish to describe someone who is a wonk.

Is wonk a derogatory term?

The noun wonk is an informal way of referring to an overly studious person. Wonk is as derogatory as words like “dweeb” or “geek,” and it implies someone who is boringly focused on work or school — like your physics major friend “the science wonk.” Extreme fans of politics are sometimes called policy wonks.

What does Janky mean in slang?

adjective Slang. untrustworthy; disreputable: He’s a good guy but has some weird and janky friends. undesirable; dilapidated or run-down: He’s from the janky part of town where there was a shooting the other night.

What does Janky baby mean?

Janky: Of extremely poor or unreliable quality.

What does manky mean in British?

manky in British English (ˈmæŋkɪ ) adjectiveWord forms: mankier or mankiest slang. 1. worthless, rotten, or in bad taste.

What does Jankee mean?

Janky is a slang term for something run down, of poor quality, or unreliable. It can also be used for someone considered undesirable in some way.

What does Janked up mean?

( adj ) Confused, messed up. Everything was so janked up we didn’t know if we were coming or going.

What is a Wally in British slang?

nounWord forms: plural ˈwallies. British, Slang. a foolish or ineffectual person.

What does Sleekit mean in English?

1 chiefly Scotland : sleek, smooth. 2 chiefly Scotland : crafty, deceitful.

What is a Wazzock in England?

The Oxford English Dictionary describes `wazzock’ as British slang, originating in the north, meaning a stupid or annoying person – basically an idiot.

What does Rammy mean in English?

Wiktionary. rammy(Adjective) Of a food, taste, odour etc: like a ram; pungent, rank. rammy(Adjective) Frisky, lecherous.

What does sonsie mean in Scottish?

It can simply refer to the bringing of luck or good fortune, but it can also describe someone who is jolly, attractive or cheeky. It is believed to have first been used in Scotland in the 18th century, with its official recognised coming in 1725.

What does Glaikit mean?

Glaikit (pronounced glay-kit; also spelt glaiket) is an adjective used to describe a stupid, foolish and thoughtless person or action. It is mainly used in Scotland and Northern England, like in: “Don’t just stand there looking glaikit, do something!”