What is the word that means too many to count?

What is the word that means too many to count?

Definitions of innumerable. adjective. too numerous to be counted.

What is the meaning for innumerable?

too many to be numbered

What is the root word of innumerable?

innumerable (adj.) mid-14c., from Latin innumerabilis “countless, immeasurable,” from in- “not” (see in- (1)) + numerabilis “able to be numbered,” from numerare “to count, number,” from numerus “a number” (see number (n.)). Related: Innumerability.

What do you call something that Cannot be counted?

Something that can’t be counted — because it’s too big, or it just can’t be pinned down that way — is incalculable.

What does uncounted mean?

English Language Learners Definition of uncounted : not counted. : too many to be counted.

What are things that can be counted?

‘Things which can be counted’ can be understood as related to material aspect like money, property, or something having less intrinsic and more of monetary value.

What is an example of capricious?

The definition of capricious is someone or something that is subject to sudden, unpredictable changes. An example of capricious is someone who decides they don’t want to go somewhere while already on the way. Characterized by, arising from, or subject to caprice; impulsive or unpredictable.

What is a capricious person like?

Capricious is an adjective to describe a person or thing that’s impulsive and unpredictable, like a bride who suddenly leaves her groom standing at the wedding altar. A scared person makes sudden starts this way and that, just as a capricious person does.

What is capricious anger?

What is capricious anger? Irascible indicates quicker and more intense bursts of anger than irritable, and less powerful, lasting, or manifest bursts than passionate.

What is capricious beauty?

Pied means having two or more colors in patches or blotches. Lady slipper means capricious beauty, i. e., unpredictable, whimsical, or pied beauty.

What is the difference between capricious and arbitrary?

In the field of Law, an Arbitrary decision is defined as a decision based on random choice or personal whim. Capricious means to be subject to whim; impulsive and unpredictable.

What is the difference between capricious and mercurial?

As adjectives the difference between capricious and mercurial. is that capricious is impulsive and unpredictable; determined by chance, impulse, or whim while mercurial is (often capitalized, see (mercurial)) pertaining to the planet mercury.

How do you use capricious?

Capricious in a Sentence ?

  1. Because of his capricious nature, Jeremy found it hard to keep a steady job.
  2. Since he started taking the medication, Henry has been less capricious.
  3. Even though the couple wanted to get married outside, they knew their ceremony depended on the capricious weather.

Where did capricious come from?

“Capricious” was originally derived, not from the goat but from the hedgehog. It comes from the Italian word “capriccio,” which means “shiver of fear.” The Italians thought a frightened person whose hair was standing on end resembled a spiky-headed hedgehog.

What erratic means?

1 : having no fixed course : wandering an erratic comet. 2a : characterized by lack of consistency, regularity, or uniformity erratic dieting keeps erratic hours.

What does velvet mean?

1 : a clothing and upholstery fabric (as of silk, rayon, or wool) characterized by a short soft dense warp pile. 2a : something suggesting velvet. b : a characteristic (such as softness or smoothness) of velvet. 3 : the soft vascular skin that envelops and nourishes the developing antlers of deer.

What does it mean if you do something instinctively?

The adjective instinctive describes something you do without thinking about it. If you have an instinctive desire to help animals, you might automatically stop your car to pick up every stray dog you see. Something that is instinctive occurs naturally, the way babies know how to cry and suck as soon as they’re born.

What is the closest meaning of instinctively?

Some common synonyms of instinctive are automatic, impulsive, mechanical, and spontaneous. While all these words mean “acting or activated without deliberation,” instinctive stresses action involving neither judgment nor will. blinking is an instinctive reaction.

What does divert mean?

intransitive verb. : to turn aside : deviate studied law but diverted to diplomacy. transitive verb. 1a : to turn from one course or use to another : deflect divert traffic to a side street diverting funds to other projects.

What does brandished mean?

1 : to shake or wave (something, such as a weapon) menacingly brandished a knife at them. 2 : to exhibit in an ostentatious or aggressive manner brandishing her intellect. brandish.

What does trepidation mean?

fear, dread, fright, alarm, panic, terror, trepidation mean painful agitation in the presence or anticipation of danger.

What causes trepidation?

The definition of a trepidation is a trembling movement, fear or nervousness. An involuntary trembling, sometimes an effect of paralysis, but usually caused by terror or fear; quaking; quivering.