What is wrong with the stable buck in Of Mice and Men?

What is wrong with the stable buck in Of Mice and Men?

The stable buck is a young black man that has a crooked back from being kicked by a horse. The boss takes his anger out on the stable buck. They were all drinking whiskey on Christmas. They had fight between Carlson and the Stable Buck.

How are George and Lennie different from the other ranchers?

Lennie urges George to speak about them and George states that ranch workers, which they are, “are the loneliest guys in the world”. They have no family and don’t belong anywhere. He then states that he and Lennie, however, are different. They have a future and somebody to talk with and who cares about them.

Which of the following selections best explains where George and Lennie are going?

In Of Mice and Men, out of the given selections, “They are looking to buy a ranch in California” that best explains where George and Lennie are going. Explanation: Lennie aims at buying a ranch where he and George can take care of animals.

What did Lennie have in his pocket?

As the story begins, Lennie has a dead mouse in his pocket because he likes to pet soft things but doesn’t know his own strength and accidentally killed the mouse when he pet it too hard.

What is Curley’s wife’s name?

Curley’s wife is usually referred to as a tramp, tart, or a looloo by the men on the ranch. In the story, her name isn’t mentioned, instead called “Curley’s wife”.

Is Curley’s wife a victim or a villain?

She is not a villain, but she is the source of the conflict that leads to Curley’s hand being broken and her own death.

Why is Curley’s wife the loneliest?

Her character demonstrates the negative attitude towards women that may have been held by men such as the ranchworkers at the time. She is only thought of in relation to her husband and is never seen by the other characters as a worthwhile individual. Due to this isolation and misogyny , Curley’s wife is very lonely.

Who is the loneliest character in omam?


Why is George lonely?

In Of Mice and Men, George is a lonely character for many reasons. First, he is constantly traveling and has no family. He works and tries to save because he would like to be his own boss one day. This is a problem because he has to take care of his mentally handicapped friend, Lennie.

What details show that Curley doesn’t love his wife?

What details show that Curley does not love his wife? Because he wants to find Lennie and murder him even though he should stay with his dead wife.

How did Curley treat his wife?

Curley’s wife regrets marrying her husband and strives for attention by flirting with the workers on the ranch. She is extremely lonely and views Curley as mean-spirited. Curley objectifies his wife by threatening the other men, monitoring her movements, and dismissing her individual needs.

Who does Curley get jealous of?

Why is Curley jealous of Slim? Slim is the “perfect” and popular guy on the ranch and Curley thinks he is having an affair with his wife.

Why did Curley’s wife marry Curley if she didnt love him?

Curley’s wife married Curley in Of Mice and Men because she felt that marrying Curley was her best option at the time to escape her mother’s oppressive influence, move out of her childhood home, and experience some degree of autonomy.

Who kills Lennie’s puppy?

Hover for more information. Slim ends up giving Lennie one his puppies, and George warns him about petting it too rough and taking it out of its nest. In Chapter 5, Lennie accidently kills his puppy by being too rough with it. When Lennie is holding the dead puppy, he looks at it and says, “You ain’t so little as mice.

Who finds Curley’s wife dead?

Lennie observes that he has “done a bad thing” (100) and covers her body with hay. He then disappears from the barn with the dead puppy in hand. Candy comes looking for Lennie in the barn and discovers the body of Curley’s wife.1 วันที่ผ่านมา

How does Curley react to his wife death?

Hover for more information. Not surprisingly, Curley shows no emotion, other than a cold anger toward Lennie, when his wife is discovered dead in the barn in chapter 5 of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

What does Curley want to do when he finds his wife dead?

George worries that the other men will think that he had something to do with the death of Curley’s wife, so he instructs Candy how to inform them. Curley demands that they find Lennie and kill him. Carlson reports that his gun is missing, and assumes that Lennie must have taken it.

Where does Lennie go right after he kills Curley’s wife?

After accidentally killing Curley’s wife, Lennie hides in the bushes near his and George’s old campsite. George told him to go there if he ever got…

What does candy do when he finds the body?

When Candy finds the body of Curley’s wife, he goes immediately to find George and bring him back to the barn. When Candy realizes that Lennie is responsible for the woman’s death, he does not blame Lennie.

How did George feel when he killed Lennie?

George is susceptible to feeling guilty when it comes to Lennie. At the beginning of the novella, George is angry because Lennie killed a mouse. Lennie tells George that he does not want to be a burden and that he “’can go off in the hills an’ find a cave. [He] can go away any time’” (12).

What is Lennie’s greatest fear?

Lennie’s fear is that if George sees that, he killed the puppy, then he won’t let him tend the rabbits. What is Lennie’s fear? That she could’ve been a star and she could be living a life of fame. She also reveals that she does not like Curley, he isn’t a nice guy.

What is crooks afraid of?

Fear, Crooks like most of the other characters in the book has a fear of being lonely his whole life. Another reason for Crooks’s fears is that he is black, knowing what people think of his he is afraid to take risk and is always unsure of what to do around the others.

What does crooks do to fill his loneliness?

Crooks is jealous of Lennie’s friendship with George because he has someone to talk to and Crooks gets bored all the time and he wishes he has someone to be around all the time. How does Crooks fill his loneliness? He fills in his loneliness by reading his books. You just studied 12 terms!

Why is crooks dream important?

Crooks’ comments remind the reader of how George and Lennie’s dream is not unusual for men like them: many others are also dreaming of a better life. This is linked to the idea of the American Dream as they believe that by working hard and saving up, they will be able to achieve the success they hope for.

Why does crooks not want Lennie in his room?

Crooks doesn’t want Lennie in his room because it is the one space he has that is his–he’s “lord” of his humble abode in the barn. Additionally, Crooks is forbidden from most of the places or activities associated with the white men on the ranch; so this is his opportunity to control the situation for once.

How is crooks cruel to Lennie?

Like Curley’s wife, Crooks is a disempowered character who turns his vulnerability into a weapon to attack those who are even weaker. He plays a cruel game with Lennie, suggesting to him that George is gone for good. Only when Lennie threatens him with physical violence does he relent.

What is a stable buck on a ranch?

Stable Buck: A derogatory name for an African-American man who works in the stables. Tart: A woman who tempts men or who is sexually promiscuous.

What is the name of the stable buck in Of Mice and Men?

What is George worried about when he sees where he’s supposed to sleep?

George found a can that was lice killer and got worried the place had lice and would spread and cause a disease. A bunkhouse was place with a bunk and shelves. It was more of a sleeping place than an actual home. Whom did the boss punish because George and Lennie were late?

Why is Candy’s dog so important to him?

During this part of the book Steinbeck describes the death of Candy’s dog, the sharing of ‘The Dream’ with Candy and the fight between Curley and Lennie. Candy’s dog represents the fate awaiting anyone who has outlived his or her purpose during the time the novel was set (1930s).