What is your country name in French?

What is your country name in French?

Languages and Nationalities (Les Langues et Les Nationalités)

Country Name Name In French Nationality
France France Français(e)
Germany Allemagne Allemand(e)
India Inde Indien(ne)
Ireland Irlande Irlandais(e)

What do you mean by a country?

A country is a distinct territorial body or political entity (i.e. a nation). It is often referred to as the land of an individual’s birth, residence or citizenship. Countries can refer both to sovereign states and to other political entities, while other times it can refer only to states.

Is it en France or AU France?

Here are the general rules to say your are in a geographic place, or going to a geographical in French. Je suis en France. Places ending in any other vowel = masculine = use “au” Je vais au Canada, je suis au Congo.

What’s the difference between à and en in French?

à = is the same as ‘to’ when followed by a feminine noun. Note: Plage, beach, is feminine. au = is the same as ‘to’ when followed by a masculine noun. en = means ‘in’ or ‘on’ depending on the context.

Where do we use à?

The preposition à can mean at, in, or to and the preposition de can mean from, of, or out of. À can show point of departure and destination, cause and consequence, means and outcome. De can also indicate origin, point of departure, consequence, and belonging, as well as separation.

Is there a difference between à and A?

The words a and à are grammatical homophones, i.e. they do not have the same grammatical function in the sentence. – a comes from verb avoir conjugated to the indicative present : il a. – à is a preposition. The best way to do their distinction is to change the sentence to another tense such as imperfect.