What Jim gives Tom?

What Jim gives Tom?

Tom gives Jim forty dollars for his troubles, and Jim declares that the omen of his hairy chest—which was supposed to bring him fortune—has come true.

What story does Jim tell to explain Tom’s trick?

What story does Jim tell to explain Tom’s trick? The witches took him and gave him a token as they took him around the world. What is “Tom Sawyer’s Gang”? A group of young boys that brought together to rob and kill people.

What happens to Jim Huck Tom?

Huck? Tom? Miss Watson dies and Jim becomes a free man. Tom goes out to his next adventure.

Does Huck believe the King and Duke story?

Does Huck believe their story? Yes, at first, but he changes his mind and thinks they are friends. Give 2 examples of the “cleverness” of the king and duke.

What does Tom think Huck is at first?

Summary: Chapter 33 Tom is at first startled by the “ghost,” believing that Huck was murdered back in St. Petersburg, but is eventually convinced that Huck is actually alive. Tom even agrees to help Huck free Jim.

What does Tom reveal about Jim at the end of the novel?

Tom announces that Jim is free, which reveals why Tom was willing to help Huck in what Huck thought was a true crime. Since Jim was already a free man, Tom was not breaking any laws and therefore thought the entire ordeal was a great adventure. The second major revelation is that Pap is dead.

What does Jim’s behavior in these chapters say about his character?

What does Jim’s behavior in these chapters say about his character? Jim’s behavior shows that he is a good man and he has finally become the man he was meant to be all along.

Why does Huck not turn Jim in?

Huck realizes that he would have felt worse for doing the “right” thing and turning Jim in than he does for not turning Jim in. When Huck reaches this realization, he makes a decision to reject conventional morality in favor of what his conscience dictates.

Why does Huck fake his own death?

As stated in other answers, Huck fakes his death in order to escape his abusive father and also to escape the whole society of St Petersburg which he finds oppressive: indeed, repressive. From the start of the book, we see him trying to adjust to the civilised ways of the Widow Douglas, who has undertaken to adopt him.

How does Huck protect Jim?

In the midst of Huck’s crisis, he runs into slave hunters. The ideal opportunity to turn in Jim appears, and Huck cannot do it. Instead, he lies to protect Jim, explaining that his father has smallpox. Rather than inspect the raft (where they would find Jim), the slave hunters throw money at Huck and leave.

What is Jim’s dream?

Jim’s Dream is his four-part, $45 million plan to address the state’s opiod problem, which he briefly introduced during his State of the State Address. “I’ve not had a time at bat.

What is the bad luck in Chapter 16?

What is the bad luck in Chapter 16? A steamboat ran over the raft. How does Huck get to the Grangerfords? After jumping off the raft to keep from being run over by the steamboat, Huck makes his way to the shore and comes upon the Grangerfords’ house where their dogs stop him.

Who are the Grangerfords?

The family in question is the Grangerfords, consisting of Colonel Grangerford, the father; the grandmother, known as ‘the old lady’; Bob, the oldest son; Tom, second oldest; and then the daughters, Charlotte (age 25) and Sophia (age 20). There is also Buck, the youngest.

What does Huck think of Grangerfords?

What does Huck think of the Grangerfords? Of their home? He thinks they had potential as a family once, but their obsession with their feud is dumb. Their home, however, is well kept and put together, with many pictures/books/superficially civilized.