What kicks harder 45-70 or 300 Win Mag?

What kicks harder 45-70 or 300 Win Mag?

300 Winchester Magnum round averages out to 3520 ft-lb, while a . 45-70 Government round averages out to about 2270 ft-lb. 45-70 Government round exiting the barrel has energy equal to the amount required to displace 2270 pounds over the same one foot distance.

Is 300 Win Mag recoil bad?

300 Winchester delivers about 30.5 foot-pounds of recoil.

How many pounds of recoil does a 45-70 have?

Shown figures for a 45-70 with a 300 grain bullet loaded to 1,800 feel per second (in a 7.0 pound rifle) is 23.9 pounds, while a 400 grain bullet at 1,330 feet per second is only 18.7 pounds. For comparison, a 30/06 with a 180 grain bullet loaded to 2,700 has a recoil of 20.3 pounds in a 8.0 pound rifle.

Which lever action rifle has the least recoil?

Low-Recoil Hunting Cartridges Test Results

Cartridge Med. Game (yds) Recoil
6.5-284 Norma 525 15.4
7mm-08 Rem. 500 15.4
.240 Weath. 440 14.6
.25-06 Rem. 415 12.4

Is a 45-70 good for deer hunting?

Many people still use the . 45-70 for hunting deer and other species of big game with excellent results. Known for its bone crushing power and excellent terminal performance on virtually every species of North American big game at short to medium range, hunters all over the United States still utilize the .

How powerful is a 45-70?

45-70 Ballistics. Typical 45-70 ballistics with modern factory ammo are a 300gr bullet at 2,350fps (3,678 ft-lbs), a 325gr bullet at 2,050fps (3,032 ft-lbs), and a 405gr bullet at 1,330fps (1,591 ft-lbs).

Does a 300 mag kick?

Its recoil is about 30% greater than that of the . 30-06 Springfield, which is known as a ‘stout’ cartridge. With the average load for the . 300 Winchester Magnum, the recoil energy is roughly 30 ft lbs.

Is a 6.5 Creedmoor better than 300 win mag?

300 Win Mag fires larger diameter and significantly heavier bullets at a higher velocity than the 6.5 Creedmoor. The . 300 Win Mag has a flatter trajectory and has significantly more kinetic energy at typical hunting ranges, but the 6.5 Creedmoor has much less recoil.

What does 45-70 recoil compare to?

Assuming your shotgun weighs 7.5lbs, you’re just under 40ft-lbs of recoil energy with those slugs. In the same 7.5lb gun as 45-70 you’ll be around 32 ft-lbs of felt recoil.

Is a 45-70 Too big for deer?

A 45/70 makes a fine deer round, for timber, or anywhere that the shots are not over 150 to 200yds. It is not really over kill, with standard loads, however the recoil is usually more then one would experience with rounds simular to the 243 win, or even the . 308 Win.

What’s the difference between a 300 Winchester Magnum and a 45-70?

So a .300 Winchester Magnum round exits the barrel with kinetic energy equal to the energy required for linear vertical displacement of 3520 pounds through a one foot distance, while a .45-70 Government round exiting the barrel has energy equal to the amount required to displace 2270 pounds over the same one foot distance.

What kind of recoil does a 30-06 rifle have?

The.30-06 cartridge has a strong but not particularly sharp recoil. It generates 21.34 ft-lbs of energy at 12.55 fps. In a well-designed rifle and stock, the.30-06 recoil is acceptable for most adult shooters, but in many older rifles with poorly-designed stocks, the recoil can feel too powerful.

How much recoil does a 270 Winchester have?

The.270 Winchester’s recoil produces 16.29 ft-lbs of energy and 11.19 fps of recoil velocity. Most people consider the.270 a moderate-recoiling cartridge that can push the shooter off target during the shot, but is not enough to cause pain in the average adult shooter.

How much recoil does a 50bmg rifle have?

The same is true with guns. Some people look at the recoil energy of a 50BMG and think they will be KILLED by 83.17 ft-lbs of free recoil energy; however, the 50BMG is a physically heavy gun (usually over 30 lbs), so the recoil moves slowly (also because of the muzzle brake).