What language is fahren?

What language is fahren?

links fahren – German-English | Applied Technology Dictionary.

What is the meaning of Fahren in English?

British English: ferry /ˈfɛrɪ/ NOUN. A ferry is a boat that carries passengers or vehicles across a river or a narrow stretch of sea.

What does VIX mean in German?

volatility index <VIX> fin. back to top | home.

What does VIX mean in slang?

VIX is short for the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index. If the VIX gives a value of greater than 30 then the market is seen as volatile, while under 20 is believed to be calm. …

What does the verb Treffen mean?

verb. hit [verb] to (cause or allow to) come into hard contact with. strike [verb] to impress, or give a particular impression to (a person)

How do you use Treffen in a sentence in German?

Ich möchte mich mit dir treffen. In this sentence you are deliberately organising a meeting, probably even a date….there are different uses of “treffen”:

  1. sich mit jemandem treffen – to meet up with someone.
  2. jemanden treffen – to meet someone/to hit someone.
  3. etwas treffen – to hit something.

Is Danken a dative verb?

But in general, a dative verb is one that normally takes an object in the dative case—usually without any other object. In addition to the single-word English translation, many dative verbs can be translated with a to-phrase: antworten, to give an answer to; danken, to give thanks to; gefallen, to be pleasing to; etc.

How do you use sich in German?

In German, the infinitive of these reflexive verbs is preceded by the pronoun “sich” (sich streiten, sich freuen, etc.) In a reflexive clause, the action is done to the person carrying out that same action.

What is sich German?

In German, reflexive verbs are much more common than in English, and many are used in everyday German. Reflexive verbs consist of two parts: the reflexive pronoun sich (meaning himself, herself, itself, themselves or oneself) and the infinitive of the verb.