What line from the text supports the conclusion that the Soothsayer is not sure what will happen to Caesar but has great fears?

What line from the text supports the conclusion that the Soothsayer is not sure what will happen to Caesar but has great fears?

Explanation: “None that I know will be; much that I fear may chance.”

What conclusion can you draw about the soothsayers prediction about Caesar the soothsayer thinks that Caesar will not be harmed the soothsayer believes Caesar may be harmed soon the Soothsayer is not sure if Caesar will be harmed or not the soothsayer will only speak to Caesar?

We can draw a conclusion about the soothsayer’s prediction about Caesar that, ‘The soothsayer is not sure if Caesar will be harmed or not. ‘ Answer: Option C.

How does artemidorus role in ACT 3.1 reflect the theme of fate Caesar won’t read artemidorus letter which means artemidorus Cannot stop Caesar’s fate His assassination Caesar takes control over his fate reads his letter and does?

How does Artemidorus’ role in act 3.1 reflect the theme of fate? A. Caesar won’t read Artemidorus’ letter, which means Artemidorus cannot stop Caesar’s fate: his assassination. Artemidorus writes letters to the conspirators and dissuades them from following through with their assassination plot, changing Caesar’s fate.

Why does Antony mention Caesar’s will to the Romans if he does not intend to read it?

Why does Antony mention Caesar’s will to the Romans if he does not intend to read it? Antony implies that Caesar left the plebs money in his will.

Who was the best Caesar?

5 of Rome’s Greatest Emperors

  • Augustus. A statue of Emperor Augustus from the villa of his widow at Prima Porta.
  • Trajan 98 – 117 AD. Trajan left the largest Empire in Rome’s history.
  • Hadrian 117 – 138 AD.
  • Marcus Aurelius 161 – 180 AD.
  • Aurelian 270 – 275 AD.

What does the soothsayer tell Julius Caesar?

The soothsayer in Julius Caesar warns Caesar to ”Beware the Ides of March” twice in Act 1, Scene ii. The soothsayer is telling Caesar to avoid coming out to the Senate on March 15 or he will surely die. In the play, Julius Caesar ignores the soothsayer and calls him ”a dreamer”.

When Caesar was offered the crown three times by Antony Why do you think he refused it did he not want the power?

The crown is first mentioned in Julius Caesar in Act I, Scene II, when we hear Casca describe a public ceremony where Caesar is thrice offered the crown. Casca is speaking to Cassius and Brutus, also senators of Rome, and explains that Caesar refused the crown all three times, presumably as a show of humility.

Who is the protagonist in Julius Caesar?


Who is the foil in Julius Caesar?

In Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, Brutus’ foil is Cassius, while Antony’s foil is Brutus!

Why can’t Casca look at guts?

At first, Casca hated Guts because of how Griffith had shown him more attention than he had her or any of his men.

Does guts still love Casca?

Casca was never truly in love with Griffith. She worshipped him, she admired him. She cared about him a lot, but in the end, it was her sense of duty to the man who saved her life back then that made her decide to stay with him, instead of going with Guts. It wasn’t romantic love.

Will Casca regain her sanity?

After many chapters of Farnese and Schierke collecting fragments of Casca’s broken mind within her treacherous dream, as of, February 23rd 2018, with the official release of chapter 354, they have now obtained the last fragment! The last page of the chapter is Casca seemingly healed and opening her eyes!

Will Casca ever recover?

as of the last few chapters casca has recovered all/most of her memories and personality but she still has a problem. Everytime she see’s guts she immediately remembers the eclipse event and just starts screaming, so right now she can’t look at him. It seems to be strongly implied that the moonlight boy is their child.

Was Casca pregnant during the eclipse?

Casca was pregnant with Guts’ child at the time of the Eclipse, which neither she or Guts were aware of, and when Femto raped Casca, the unborn fetus was essentially tainted by his essence and corrupted in the womb.

Is Farnese jealous of Casca?

Even though Farnese is devoted to caring for Casca, she is insanely jealous of her. Farnese on the other hand, has become even more fixated.

Is Serpico in love with Farnese?

After some time passes, Serpico felt some kind of kinship to her because they’re both are lonely since they don’t receive selfless love or had parents figure. While am it, Farnese feelings to Serpico before is not romantic at all.

Does guts save Casca?

Luckily, having been propelled to find her after receiving a vision of her burning, Guts arrives to save Casca from the Great Goat’s clutches. Despite Guts entrusting her safety to Isidro, Casca ends up being captured by the Holy Iron Chain Knights and taken to the Tower of Conviction.

How old is guts now?

Series Berserk
Age 24
Birthday August 1st
Sex Male

Is guts a good guy?

So yes, I think guts really is a good person who does what he has to to survive and protect those close to him regardless of consequence. Like Griffith(and everyone else in the entire world), Guts embodies both. A lot of people see Guts as simply EVIL while Griffith is “good”.

Why is guts hair white?

His hair turned white due to the stress of the armor on his body. And if that were the case, Guts would have white hair due to stress from many things other than his first 2 minutes inside the armor.