What order should I read Malorie Blackman books?

What order should I read Malorie Blackman books?

Book 1. Noughts & Crosses. Book 1. Noughts & Crosses.

  • Book 2. Knife Edge. Book 2.
  • Book 3. Checkmate. Book 3.
  • Book 4. Double Cross. Book 4.
  • Book 5. An Eye for an Eye. Book 5.
  • Book 6. Endgame: The final book in the groundbreaking series, Noughts & Crosses. Book 6.
  • Book 7. Crossfire. Book 7.
  • Book 9. Nought Forever: World Book Day 2019. Book 9.
  • Will there be another book in the noughts and crosses series?

    Noughts + Crosses will return for a second series, the BBC has announced. Produced by Mammoth Screen for the BBC, series two will dive viewers straight back into the dangerous, alternate world of Malorie Blackman’s bestselling novels and the irresistible, forbidden love story at its heart.

    What Happens In noughts and crosses book 2?

    Two families have been shattered by the divided and violent society they live in. Sephy Hadley – a Cross, supposedly powerful and privileged – has bound herself forever to her nought lover Callum McGregor’s family. But Jude McGregor blames Sephy for all the tragedies his family has suffered.

    What book is after double cross Malorie Blackman?

    Double Cross

    Double Cross Front Cover
    Author Malorie Blackman
    ISBN 978-0-385-61551-8
    Preceded by Checkmate
    Followed by Crossfire

    What is the next book after noughts and crosses?

    After Noughts and Crosses, Knife Edge, Checkmate, and Double Cross followed – and now, this August, we’ll get Crossfire.

    What school did sephy go to?

    Chivers is a boarding school that features in Noughts and Crosses. Sephy Hadley, wanting to get away from things at home, went to Chivers to make a new start.

    Do Sephy and Callum end up together?

    After a few years have passed without contact, Callum kidnaps her, but they end up sleeping together and have a daughter, Callie Rose, who is raised by Sephy and Meggie after Callum is killed.

    What is the last book in the noughts and crosses series?

    Endgame: The final book in the groundbreaking series, Noughts & Crosses (Noughts and Crosses, 6) Paperback – 16 Sept.

    What happens in Noughts and crosses Book 2?

    This is the second book in the noughts and crosses series. callums dead and sephy is all alone and with her new daughter callie rose. we see sephy develop as a character and what she goes through, and what comes to living with callums mum. we see a battle against discrimination and race as we have done in the 1st noughts and crosses book.

    Who is the villain in Noughts and crosses?

    Jude McGregor is the secondary antagonist in the Noughts & Crosses book series appearing as the central antagonist in the first book, the main antagonist of the second book and secondary antagonist in the third book.

    Can a nought and a cross have a relationship?

    In this alternate universe, it is forbidden for Crosses and Noughts to engage in a relationship with each other. Nevertheless, Sephy – the daughter of a wealthy senior politician – and Callum, a high-achieving nought who is allowed to attend a school meant only for Crosses.

    Who is Callum in the book Noughts and crosses?

    Since then, Sephy and Callum’s friendship has been secret, as such interracial friendships are frowned upon by society. Callum is one of the first few noughts to start at Heathcroft, a high school for Crosses that now accepts the best-performing noughts.