What should you do after a chemical attack?

What should you do after a chemical attack?

After a Chemical Emergency

  1. Cut off clothing normally removed over the head to avoid contact with the eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. Put contaminated clothing and items into a plastic bag and seal it.
  3. Remove eyeglasses or contact lenses. Put glasses in a pan of household bleach to decontaminate them and then rinse and dry.

How do you decontaminate chemical agents?

CHEMICAL METHODS Three types of chemical mechanisms have been used for decontamination: water/soap wash; oxidation; and acid/base hydrolysis. HD (mustard) and the persistent nerve agent VX contain sulfur molecules that are readily subject to oxidation reactions.

Which of the following is the correct order of operations when transferring a stable patient?

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Can a hospital transfer an unstable patient?

Can a hospital deny a transfer?

Who pays for patients treated under Emtala?

the local government

What is considered patient dumping?

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What would a patient have to prove to claim negligence?

How do you prove clinical negligence?

Clinical negligence is proved using a 3-part test: The test looks at:

  1. that the doctor owed a duty of care to the patient,
  2. that the duty of care was breached, and.
  3. as a direct result of the breach the patient suffered harm.

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