What shows are on the Norwegian Breakaway?

What shows are on the Norwegian Breakaway?

Broadway Entertainment Only Norwegian Breakaway entertains with three Broadway shows: Six, the sell-out award-winning musical taking the theater world by storm, Velvet and Burn the Floor.

Where does Norwegian Breakaway go?

Norwegian Breakaway current cruise is 7 days, round-trip Bermuda….Current itinerary of Norwegian Breakaway.

Date / Time Port
27 Oct – 29 Oct Kings Wharf, Bermuda
31 Oct 07:00 Arriving in New York, Cape Liberty Bayonne NJ-NYC hotels

When was the Norwegian Breakaway built?

30 April 2013
Norwegian Breakaway/Launched

How old is the Pride of America cruise ship?

Specifications of Pride of America

Year built 2005 / Age: 16
Owner (NCLH) Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd
Operator (NCL) Norwegian Cruise Line
Speed 22 kn / 41 kph / 25 mph
Length (LOA) 281 m / 922 ft

Are the pools heated on the Norwegian Breakaway?

Norwegian Breakaway Spa and Fitness In the Breakaway’s Thermal Suite, melt away your stress in heated loungers, hot tubs, the vitality pool, steam rooms and a dry sauna.

Does NCL Breakaway have a movie theater?

They show movies on the 3 big screens all over the ship. The best ones are shown in the Breakaway theater in 3D on sea days. Sit closer to the middle and front and you’ll feel like you’re in the movie! :D. Movies are shown in the atrium and from time to time up in Spice but not as much in Spice.

What is Norwegian Cruise Line’s largest ship?

Which Norwegian cruise ship is the biggest? The NCL Encore is the largest of Norwegian’s 17 cruise ships. It has a gross tonnage of 169,116 and spans 1,094 feet (333 meters) in length.

What Norwegian ship sails Hawaii?

MS Pride of America
MS Pride of America is a cruise ship operated by NCL America, a division of Norwegian Cruise Lines, to sail itineraries in the Hawaiian Islands….Pride of America.

United States
Operator NCL America
Port of registry Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Route Honolulu; Maui (Kahului); Hilo; Kona; Kauai

Why do cruise ships not fly the American flag?

Well, the major factor is that cruise lines do not have to abide by United States labor laws for their foreign flagged ships that also sail to international ports of call. This means that the cruise lines are free to hire people from just about any country in the world.