What spellings should YEAR 5 know?

What spellings should YEAR 5 know?

In Years 5 and 6, the following spelling rules and patterns will be taught:

  • Words ending -cious and -tious such as ‘delicious’ and ‘superstitious’
  • Words ending -cial and -tial such as ‘special’ and ‘partial’
  • Words ending -ant, -ance and -ancy such as ‘hesitant’, ‘hesitance’ and ‘hesitancy’

How can I improve my spelling in Year 5?

Here are several tips to help your child improve their spelling:

  1. Make sure your child understands the different sounds that letter combinations make.
  2. Help your child recognise word families.
  3. Help your child memorise common spelling rules.
  4. Practice spelling words with worksheets and spelling tests.

How can I help my child memorize spelling words?

Here are some fun and simple spelling games and activities to help you teach your child spelling words and improve their confidence:

  1. Teach your child spelling words with ‘Lily Pad Letters’
  2. Use ‘Stair Steps’ to memorize certain words.
  3. Toss around the ‘Spelling Ball’
  4. Use magazine clippings to familiarize with letters.

What is a fun way to practice spelling words?

We’ve gathered 45 fun ideas to have your kids begging to practice spelling words!

  • Q-tip Painting: Use a cotton swab and paint to write your spelling words.
  • Salt Writing:
  • Play-doh:
  • Shaving Cream:
  • Candy Writing:
  • Paper chain spelling:
  • Hopscotch Spelling:
  • Team Spelling:

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