What story does Ekwefi tell Ezinma?

What story does Ekwefi tell Ezinma?

Summary: Chapter 11 Ekwefi tells Ezinma a story about a greedy, cunning tortoise. All of the birds have been invited to a feast in the sky and Tortoise persuades the birds to lend him feathers to make wings so that he can attend the feast as well.

When Chielo and Ekwefi talk about Ezinma what do they specifically discuss about her?

They also discuss Ezinma, Ekwefi’s daughter; as it turns out, Ezinma has had health problems in the past, but Chielo believes that Ezinma is now old enough at ten that she will likely survive into adulthood.

What is Ekwefi’s purpose in telling the story?

Ekwefi’s purpose of telling the story was to teach Ezinma the values of selflessness and appreciation. How is the storytelling interrupted? The story is interrupted when the priestess of Agbala, Chielo screamed with a high-pitch voice demanding that Agbala wants to see his daughter, Ezinma.

What does the story of Ezinma tell us about the customs and beliefs of this society?

What does the story of Ezinma tell us about the customs and beliefs of this society? In this society, they believe that wicked children can rebirth in another child and be killed by the evil spirit. This tells us that their customs and beliefs are very magical and spiritual.

Why is Ekwefi so distraught by Ezinma’s illness?

Why is Ekwefi so distraught by Ezinma’s illness? Because all of her children died early in childhood. On what condition can Uzowulu have Mgbafo back? He must beg her to come back, and if he beats her again they will cut off his genitals.

Why did Chielo want with Ezinma?

What did Chielo want with Ezinma? Chielo wanted to take Ezinma to see Agbala. What did Ekwefi do? She followed Chielo and Ezinma to the cave of Agbala.

Why does Ezinma see Chielo?

Chielo comes to Okonkwo’s compound to fetch Ezinma because Agbala, the Oracle, wants to see the girl. Okonkwo pleads with her to come back, saying the child is asleep. Ekwefi wants to go with her daughter but is told coming to Agbala without being summoned would bring about a curse.

What did Chielo the priestess do with Ezinma?

Chielo is a priestess and she tells Ezinma’s mother that Agbala, the Oracle of the Hills and Caves, wants to see Ezinma. The next day, Chielo takes Ezinma and does not want her parents to follow them. Both parents do follow while Chielo takes Ezinma to nine villages and then the cave of Agbala.

How did Okonkwo kill Ezeudu’s son?

Okonkwo’s gun accidentally goes off and kills Ezeudu’s sixteen-year-old son. Killing a clansman is a crime against the earth goddess, so Okonkwo must atone by taking his family into exile for seven years.