What sturdy means?

What sturdy means?

strongly built; stalwart; robust: sturdy young athletes. strong, as in substance, construction, or texture: sturdy walls.

Does sturdy mean powerful?

1 hardy, muscular, brawny, sinewy, stout, strong, powerful.

How do you spell sturdiness?

Correct spelling for the English word “sturdiness” is [stˈɜːdɪnəs], [stˈɜːdɪnəs], [s_t_ˈɜː_d_ɪ_n_ə_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What do sturdiness mean?

the ability to withstand force or stress without being distorted, dislodged, or damaged. demonstrated the suitcase’s sturdiness by dropping it from a third-floor window.

Is sturdy a real word?

adjective, stur·di·er, stur·di·est. strongly built; stalwart; robust: sturdy young athletes. strong, as in substance, construction, or texture: sturdy walls.

What is a sturdy woman?

Someone or something that is sturdy looks strong and is unlikely to be easily injured or damaged. She was a short, sturdy woman in her early sixties. Synonyms: robust, hardy, vigorous, powerful More Synonyms of sturdy.

What is the opposite of sturdy?

sturdy. Antonyms: dim, exhausted, faded, faint, faint-hearted, faltering, fatigued, feeble, half-hearted, ill-defined, indistinct, irresolute, languid, listless, purposeless, timid, weak, wearied, worn, worn down, worn out.

What is the opposite of hefty?

What is the opposite of hefty?

lanky slight
scrawny weedy
sleek slender
slim svelte
willowy skinny

What is similar to hefty?

other words for hefty

  • fat.
  • heavy.
  • large.
  • massive.
  • robust.
  • sizable.
  • substantial.
  • tremendous.

What’s another word for hefty?

What is another word for hefty?

big burly
large-scale huge
enormous immense
vast gigantic
mammoth extensive

Does hefty mean fat?

adjective Of considerable weight; heavy. adjective Of considerable size or amount; substantial.

What does extortionate mean?

1 : characterized by extortion. 2 : excessive, exorbitant extortionate prices.

What means shifty?

1 : full of or ready with expedients : resourceful. 2a : given to deception, evasion, or fraud : tricky. b : capable of evasive movement : elusive a shifty boxer.

What do shifty eyes mean?

shifty-eyed in British English (ˌʃɪftɪˈaɪd) adjective. informal. having the appearance of being dishonest, esp as signified by a lack of eye contact.

Is the shorty good Valorant?

The Shorty is the cheapest purchasable weapon in the game. It costs 200 credits and is a semi-automatic, sawed-off double-barreled shotgun. This weapon is particularly useful for players who want to save credits. It excels in short-range combat and ambush maneuvers, especially in tight corridors and chokepoints.

What is the difference between Shorty and shawty?

As nouns the difference between shawty and shorty is that shawty is (african american vernacular english) while shorty is (informal) a short person.