What theme or event in the metamorphosis can be better understood by learning a bit about Kafkas own life?

What theme or event in the metamorphosis can be better understood by learning a bit about Kafkas own life?

The theme in the Metamorphosis is an irrational or unacceptable event, how Gregor turned into a situation where he can’t do anything but to accept the consequences of his actions. It can relate to Kafka’s own life where to face the absurd event might be as difficult as Gregor’s experience.

Which is the most suitable theme for the metamorphosis Brainly?

The correct answer is option B. “An unfulfilling life can leave a person feeling isolated”. Explanation: The novel “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka deals with isolation using the metaphor of a person transforming into a bug.

Which event in the metamorphosis can be considered surreal?

Therefore, the opening event of the novel—when Gregor Samsa wakes up and discovers that “he had been changed into a monstrous vermin”—can certainly be considered surreal. In fact, “surreal” almost feels like a bit of an understatement!

What does the metamorphosis have in common with many other works of literature?

There are many surreal novels in the time of The Metamorphosis of Kafka. The common reference with many other works of literature as well as movies that were produced during the same period is that they share the theme of boredom related to working a meaningless job.

What is the resolution of metamorphosis?

Gregor’s family finally and fully denounce him. The sister declares something should be done about Gregor; that they should no longer have to be responsible for the great burden he is upon them. Climactic Moment: The next morning, Gregor dies. Resolution: Relieved, the family happily begin planning their new lives.

What is the conflict resolution and meaning of the metamorphosis?

The conflicts are all resolved when Gregor dies. His loss of identity is completed in death. His family feels relieved when he is no longer a burden to them. Society moves on without him.

How has Gregor’s father change from the beginning of the story?

Answer: C. The father is angrier and more impatient with Gregor. As the novel The Metamorphosis progresses, Gregor’s father goes through a metamorphosis of is own. Forced to get a job, he is now proud of what he has accomplished.

Is Gregor a human?

Though Gregor’s body is completely insect, his mind is thoroughly human. Since his family finds him disgusting, Gregor hides in his room. He longs for human companionship however, and he often attempts to listen to his family’s conversations from afar.