What twirled means?

What twirled means?

/twɝːl/ to (cause to) give a sudden quick turn or set of turns in a circle: She danced and twirled across the room. He twirled the ribbon around the stick.

What is the spelling of twirling?

Correct spelling for the English word “Twirling” is [twˈɜːlɪŋ], [twˈɜːlɪŋ], [t_w_ˈɜː_l_ɪ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does Twerl mean?

: to turn (something) around and around quickly. : to turn or spin around and around. : to twist or wrap (something) around something.

What are twirls?

1. To move or spin around rapidly, suddenly, or repeatedly: The pinwheel twirled in the breeze. 2. To whirl or turn suddenly; make an about-face: twirled in the direction of the noise.

What does twirling finger mean?

to spin around

What is the difference between spinning and twirling?

As nouns the difference between spin and twirl is that spin is circular motion while twirl is a movement where one spins round elegantly; a pirouette.

Is it swirl or twirl?

Swirl: transitive or intransitive verb: to rotate or stir multiple things, colors, or ingredients together; to turn so as to produce a swirl. Twirl: transitive or intransitive verb: to spin or swing (an object or person) around a central axis, as in dancing; to spin.

What is a Twirl Girl?

3. 0. Twirl is to spin around in a circle, or to twist something in your fingers, or to pitch in baseball. An example of twirl is a little girl spinning with her arms outstretched.

What’s the purpose of Twerking?

The goal of twerking, as the Internet delights in explaining, is to move your hips and butt in the most sexually provocative way you can muster. If things go well, this results in a rippling of muscle that somehow translates into “this is why I’m hot. (I work out).”

Why is Twerking so fun?

“It’s a really fun dance and involves a lot of muscles, particularly from the waist down. You get into a semi-squat-like move with a really wide stance so you’ve got your quads involved, your hamstrings, your ‘glutes,’ your low back muscles, your abs and a lot of your core.

Who started Twerking trend?

Though twerking began trending as a web search in November 2011, and despite its origins in the bounce culture of New Orleans in the late 1980s, the word twerk would be added to the Oxford Dictionary Online and attributed to Cyrus following her appearance at the MTV VMA Awards in August 2013.

What does it mean to twerk on a guy?

Filters. To move the body in a sexually suggestive twisting or gyrating fashion. verb.

Did Twerking originate in Africa?

Twerking has actually been around for much longer than it has been in the mainstream media. The dance dates back centuries, having most likely originated somewhere in West Africa. The Mapouka dance focuses mainly on the buttocks; the resemblance to modern-day twerking is easy to see.

What is the most popular TikTok dance?


What should your first TikTok be?

Posting your first TikTok video You can post a video up to 60 seconds, but it’s a good idea to start with something shorter. 15 seconds is popular. It couldn’t be simpler!

Is TikTok bad for kids?

Overall, Tik Tok’s community is toxic and is not safe for children, as many people follow users just to make fun of them and their videos (while sharing them on Instagram and calling them flops) which is essentially cyber bullying.

What is Tik Tok dancing?

Formerly known as Musical.ly, TikTok is a social media app that enables users to make and share 15-second videos. These videos can be set to music and usually feature choreography.