What two things are being compared in the poem fog?

What two things are being compared in the poem fog?

The two things that are being compared in the poem fob by Carl Sandburg are Fog and Cats. on little cat feet. and then moves on. In this poem, we can see in the first two lines that he says that fog arrives as silent and sneaky as a Cat, doing as they please wherever they want.

What can fog be compared to?

How does the poet compare fog to a living being? Answer: The poet compares the fog to a cat. The silent steps of a cat and the way it sits on its haunches is very similar to the way fog comes and surrounds the city and looks over it.

What is being described in the poem fog?

“Fog” is a short poem, six lines long, split into two stanzas. The poem is an extended metaphor, the poet seeing the fog as a cat that comes on tiny, silent feet, as cats do when they are stalking for example. Only a cat can move in such a way, almost imperceptibly, and in complete silence.

Why was propaganda used in ww1?

Propaganda is used to try to make people think a certain way. Stories about bad things the Germans had done were told to make people angry and frightened so everyone would want Britain to beat them in the war.

Which statement best describes the overall effects of new technology?

The correct answer for the question that is being presented is this one: “New technology contributed to the stalemate on the western front.” The overall effects of new technology, such as poison gas and improved artillery, during World War I is described as new technology contributed to the stalemate on the western ……

How did Britain use propaganda in ww1?

Various written forms of propaganda were distributed by British agencies during the war. They could be books, leaflets, official publications, ministerial speeches or royal messages. They were targeted at influential individuals, such as journalists and politicians, rather than a mass audience.

How did the United States use propaganda in ww1?

The CPI used multiple forms of media to “advertise” the war. They organized a series of public propaganda speakers across the country, called “Four Minute Men,” to keep Americans informed of the war efforts. The committee published a daily newspaper and produced war films.

What were the effects of propaganda in ww1?

World War One was full of images urging people to join the army, buy bonds, or support the war by growing their own victory garden. These images created nationalism as well as showed how evil the enemy was….

Why were propaganda posters used in ww2?

Persuading Americans to support the war effort became a wartime industry, just as important as producing bullets and planes. The U.S. government produced posters, pamphlets, newsreels, radio shows, and movies-all designed to create a public that was 100% behind the war effort.

What was the purpose of this WWII poster?

Factory workers were encouraged to become not just workers, but “Production Soldiers” on the home front. These posters were used to persuade workers to take shorter breaks, work longer hours, and produce as many tools and weapons as possible to increase production for the military.

What was the main purpose of this World War 2 poster service on the home front?

The “We Can Do It!” poster was aimed at boosting morale among workers in the World War II factories producing war materiel….

How did the homefront contribute to ww2?

The United States home front during World War II supported the war effort in many ways, including a wide range of volunteer efforts and submitting to government-managed rationing and price controls. Gasoline, meat, and clothing were tightly rationed.

How did World War 2 affect American life at home?

America’s involvement in World War II had a significant impact on the economy and workforce of the United States. Our involvement in the war soon changed that rate. American factories were retooled to produce goods to support the war effort and almost overnight the unemployment rate dropped to around 10%.