What type of sentence tends to express a strong emotion Weegy?

What type of sentence tends to express a strong emotion Weegy?


What type of sentence asks a question?

interrogative sentence

How do you prove integrity?

How to incorporate honesty and integrity into your business

  1. Keep your word. If you want to establish a solid reputation you must deliver on your promises.
  2. Keep your commitments.
  3. Pay attention to your environment.
  4. Stay focused.
  5. Surround yourself with honest people.
  6. Take responsibility.
  7. Respect your employees.

How do you say someone has integrity?

In common usage, integrity is much more common than its adjectival form, integrous. Most speakers and writers opt for an etymologically unrelated synonym — such as honest, decent, or virtuous — when trying to express an adjectival equivalent of integrity.

How do you describe a loyal person?

Some common synonyms of loyal are constant, faithful, resolute, staunch, and steadfast.

Is faithful or loyal better?

A Loyal person can be guilty in a way, but a faithful person will always be passionate about the other person….Comparison Chart.

Basis Faithful Loyal
Type Always be sincere to what they think is right. Can be loyal to something right or wrong

Can you be loyal but not faithful?

“Loyalty is based on agreed terms and conditions while faithfulness means showing honesty.” “Being loyal is being there for your loved one. Loyal people know how to flirt, however at the end of the day they would still go back to you – just like a dog. On the other hand, being faithful is like integrity.

Can you be loyal but not honest?

The key distinction of Honesty vs. Loyalty may be found from the conduct of human beings displaying those features. A Loyal or a Faithful person will continue to be dedicated or faithful and could no longer betray the module of his/her loyalty. An honest person will no longer lie, deceive, or hoax.

Does loyal mean faithful?

Being loyal is defined as “Being faithful to one’s oath, engagements or obligations. Being faithful to one’s allegiance to a government or state or to a person conceived as imposing obligation”. Yet, at times, people are not aware of all the aspects of loyalty within a relationship.

How do I know if my boyfriend is loyal to me?

8 Signs Your Man Is Loyal

  • He’s not selfish.
  • He never tries to hit on other women.
  • He never competes with the people he loves.
  • He checks on you.
  • He stands up for your relationship.
  • He’s constantly working on building the trust between you two.
  • He shows up.
  • He genuinely cares about you.

What is the difference between royalty and loyalty?

As adjectives the difference between loyal and royal is that loyal is having or demonstrating undivided and constant support for someone or something while royal is of or relating to a monarch or their family.

What is the difference between faithful and faithfulness?

As nouns the difference between faithfulness and faithful is that faithfulness is the state of being faithful; allegiance; loyalty; fidelity while faithful is the practicing members of a religion or followers of a cause.