What type of verb is se laver?

What type of verb is se laver?

Conjugate reflexive verb se laver in Le Présent (present tense)

Is Laver regular verb French?

While there are more forms to learn in French than in English, laver is a regular -ER verb and it follows a standard pattern.

What is the meaning of Laver?

: a large basin used for ceremonial ablutions in the ancient Jewish Tabernacle and Temple worship. laver. noun (2)

How do you conjugate Laver?

Conjugate the verb laver:

  1. je lave. tu laves.
  2. il lavait. nous avons lavé
  3. vous laverez.
  4. ils laveraient.

What is perfect tense in French?

The perfect tense describes things that happened and were completed in the past. It is not used for things that happened regularly or in descriptions. The perfect tense is formed with the present tense of avoir or être and a past participle. Most verbs take avoir in the perfect tense.

How do you spell write in French?

Translate write from English to French

  1. write → écrire, rédiger, enregistrer, composer.
  2. write → écrire, signer, ratifier, solder, acquitter, contresigner, parapher, quittancer, enregistrer, inscrire, attester, souscrire.

What does piano in French mean?

[piˈɑːnəʊ , piˈænəʊ ] piano m. to have piano lessons prendre des leçons de piano.

Is batterie masculine or feminine in French?


French English
1. batterie (feminine noun) battery
2. batterie (feminine noun) drum kit
3. batterie (feminine noun) drums (plural)
4. batterie (feminine noun) Synonyms: berge, talus, banc, levée de terre bank (noun)

What is the instrument in French music?

Accordion. Also known as the squeezebox, the keys and bellows of the accordion is played everywhere in France.

How do you say playing an instrument in French?

To say you play an instrument in French, you must use: jouer + de + definite article (le/la/l’/les) + [instrument]. Remember that le and les will contract with de and become du and des.

How do you compliment a song in French?

Here are the most useful words and sentences to share that you like something:

  1. C’est bien. (“It’s good.” )
  2. C’est bon. (“It’s good.” Mainly used to mean “it tastes good” or “it feels good.” )
  3. C’est magnifique. (“It’s wonderful.” )
  4. C’est magique ! (“It’s magical!” )
  5. C’est intéressant / passionnant / divertissant.

How do you say music notes in French?

  1. do: D (ré)
  2. re: E (mi)
  3. mi: F#(fa dièse)
  4. fa: G (sol)
  5. sol: A (la)
  6. la: B (si)
  7. ti: C#(do dièse)
  8. do: D (ré)

What do we say music in Spanish?