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What type of word is alternatively?

What type of word is alternatively?

Alternatively and alternately are both adverbs with different meanings. Learning the appropriate way to use each will clarify your writing. Alternatively means making a choice between two or more options.

What is difference between alternatively and alternately?

Alternately means several things taken in turn, consecutively, one after another. Alternately is an adverb formed by adding -ly to the word alternate, which comes from the Latin word alternatus meaning one after the other. Alternatively means another choice, on the other hand, another possibility.

What’s the meaning of alternately?

1 : by turns one after the other His heart rate was 175, his blood pressure alternately spiking and falling.— Stephen King As the gravitational waves passed Earth, they would alternately compress and expand the space between two objects.—

How do you write alternative sentences?

Alternative sentence example

  1. He had to make alternative arrangements.
  2. He had no alternative but to leave.
  3. I guess the alternative was worse.
  4. An alternative method of going public is to merge with a company that is already public.
  5. The back door was too far away for her rubbery legs, and the only alternative was the sink.

What is an example of a alternative sentence?

The most common form of alternative sentencing involves monetary fines. In fact, they are so common they don’t really seem like an alternative. Speeding and parking tickets are two examples. In criminal cases, judges often use fines as an additional punishment rather than an alternative, tacking them onto the sentence.

What are alternatives to mandatory sentencing?

He said the alternatives include probationary orders, community service orders, drug and alcohol treatment programs, and anti-crime programs that address poverty, homelessness, discrimination, child abuse and exclusion from education.

What are alternatives to prisons?

Alternatives to jail and prison currently available can include:

  • fines.
  • restitution.
  • community service.
  • probation.
  • house arrest.
  • inpatient drug/alcohol rehabilitation.
  • inpatient psychiatric treatment, and.
  • work release.

What good ideas change into an assertive sentence?

Answer: The idea was very good. Answer: The idea was very good.

What would I not give to see you happy?

Exclamatory: What would I not give to see you happy? Assertive: I would give anything to see you happy.

What I wouldnt give saying?

used to say that you want something very much: What I wouldn’t give for a cold drink!

What is the happiest age of life?

In one large study from the Brookings Institute, for example, scientists found happiness was high for 18- to 21-year-olds and then dropped steadily until about age 40. But past middle age, the pattern began to reverse—gradually climbing back up to its highest point at age 98!