What widespread problem does Ishmael Beah reveal?

What widespread problem does Ishmael Beah reveal?

A widespread problem that Ishmael Beah attempts to reveal in his memoir A Long Way Gone is the use of children and teenagers as soldiers in armed conflict.

Did Ishmael Beah find his family?

In A Long Way Gone, Ishmael is separated from his family by the war in Sierra Leone and doesn’t ever find them again. Eventually he’s adopted by an American woman who he connected with during a visit to New York, but he never forgets the family he’s lost.

When you attempt to interpret the theme of a short story you are engaging in which activities?

Answer: When you attempt to interpret the theme of a short story, you are engaging in literary criticism. Explanation: Literary criticism refers to the reasoned, well-founded consideration, study and interpretation of literary works and all their elements.

Why does Saidu die?

Saidu died shortly(two days) after eating a crow.

Who is Ishmael’s best friend?

Queequeg. Starbuck’s skilled harpooner and Ishmael’s best friend.

Who saved Ishmael Beah?

Beah took part in numerous battles with the army, but in early 1996, at the age of fifteen, he was rescued from the military by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and placed in a rehabilitation home in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital city.

What country is Ishmael Beah from?


What bad event did Saidu witness?

Saidu has the most horrific story. The rebels came to his house and raped his three sisters and then took his parents and sisters hostage. During all of this, Saidu happened to be hiding upstairs so the rebels never found him.

Who died in a Long Way Gone?

Ishmael and the other boy soldiers fight alongside the military, and Ishmael kills a man for the first time. Two of his close friends, Musa and Josiah, are shot, and he watches them die. The death of his friends stirs anger in Ishmael that allows him to fight harder.

What was Ishmael’s nickname when he was a soldier?


What ends up happening to Mambu?

What happens to Mambu and why? Mambu went back to the front lines, because his family wouldn’t take him in. They probably wouldn’t take him in, because the war brainwashed him to be a monster.

Why did Ishmael finally have to go to the hospital?

With anger because they wanted the civilians to see them as harmful soldiers. Why did Ishmael finally have to go to the hospital? He punched the windows and it finally stuck.

What happened to Musa’s family in a Long Way Gone?

Kanei. Kanei is a Mende boy who escaped the rebels’ attack on his village with his parents, but lost his two sisters and three brothers in the chaos. He and his parents escape in a boat, but the boat capsized when rebels threw the passengers into panic by shooting at them..

What happens to Saidu on the verandah?

They are fed and given a veranda to sleep on. A woman finds them and tells each of them news of their family. During the night, Saidu dies, and the boys are responsible for honoring his death and burying his body before they begin travelling again, this time in search of their families.

What does Ishmael say was one of the most unsettling things about his journey?

What does Ishmael say was one of the most unsettling things about his journey? He was uncertain when or where it would end.

What does the crow symbolize in a Long Way Gone?

In A Long Way Gone, the crow appears to symbolize “a sign of a curse or bad luck.” The bird falls from the sky, and Beah says “it…

What type of food does Gasemu farm?


What do we learn in Chapter 10 of the backgrounds of Ishmael’s companions?

Also, what do we learn in Chapter 10 of the various backgrounds of Ishmael’s companions in relation to the rebel attacks? – to prepare for it the men would go get sheep and other meat and bring it back after killing it and bringing it back to be cooked. The women would make their best dishes.

How does music play a role in Ishmael’s recovery?

The music he’s again surrounding himself with is helpful in focusing his mind. Ishmael thinks of the lyrics and loses himself in the beat to avoid war flashbacks and painful memories. Music is helping him heal and open again to the possibilities of his future.

Why did Ishmael go to New York?

Ishmael Beah gives his personal account as a child soldier in his book ”A Long Way Gone”. In chapter 20, he tells of his trip to New York City to meet with children from several countries to share his experiences with the United Nations.

What is the lesson that is learned from the story about Bra Spider?

The moral of the Bra Spider story is not to be greedy, and instead appreciate what you do have. The villages were having a festival.

What happened on May 25 1997 A Long Way Gone?

What happened on May 25, 1997? The city of Sierra Leone was taken over by Sobels, a combination of the Armed Force Revolutionary Council and the the rebels (RUF). The democratically elected President had been replaced by the leader of the Sobels, Johnny Paul Kororma. They city became lawless.

How does Ishmael get to Guinea?

Ishmael takes a small bag and some money and makes his way to a bus station. He needs to get into Conakry, the capital of Guinea, where there’s no fighting and where he thinks he can get on a plane to New York. Finally, Ishmael arrives in Conakry and heads to the Sierra Leone embassy. There, he’s finally able to relax.

Who is Laura in A Long Way Gone?

Laura Simms is a storyteller in New York City. She and Ishmael bond when he visits the United Nations to share his story of being a boy soldier. Laura invites all the children from the delegation back to her home at the conclusion of the conference.