What word comes from the French word leg?

What word comes from the French word leg?


From To Via
• leg → jambepied ↔ Bein
• leg → jambepatte ↔ Bein
• leg → étape ↔ Etappe
• leg → rayure ↔ Lauf

How do you say leg in different languages?

In other languages leg

  1. Arabic: رِجْلٌ
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: perna.
  3. Chinese: 腿
  4. Croatian: noga.
  5. Czech: noha.
  6. Danish: ben.
  7. Dutch: been.
  8. European Spanish: pierna.

Whats another word for a body?

What is another word for body?

build figure
form physique
shape frame
anatomy constitution
skeleton bod

What does Umbra mean?

1a : a conical shadow excluding all light from a given source specifically : the conical part of the shadow of a celestial body excluding all light from the primary source. b : the central dark part of a sunspot.

What is opposite of a soul?

soul. Antonyms: soullessness, irrationality, unintellectuality, deadness, unfeelingness, spiritlessness, coldness, mind-issues, nonentity, nullity. Synonyms: spirit, vital principle, life, reason, intellect, vitality, fire, leader, inspirer, energy, courage, fervor, affection, feeling, being, person, man.

What is the word for inner beauty?

The quality of having goodness and purity of thoughts. generosity. compassion. kindliness. gentleness.

Can I say amazingly beautiful?

Somebody else will probably be able to give a more comprehensive answer, but the short version is: you can say “beautifully amazing” or “amazingly beautiful”, never “amazing beautifully”.

Is breathtakingly beautiful a word?

Meaning of breathtakingly in English. in a way that is extremely exciting, beautiful, or surprising: The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful.

What is the meaning of amazingly?

1 : to an amazing degree amazingly low prices. 2 : as is amazing Amazingly, she wasn’t hurt by the fall.

What is awe-inspiring mean?

adjective. causing awe; spectacular; magnificent: an awe-inspiring cathedral; an awe-inspiring sunset.

What does you look stunning mean?

When used to describe a person, “stunning” means that someone looks very beautiful. They look so good that people are “stunned” when they see them.

What does it mean if a guy says you are stunning?

It means it’s a hint that he likes you sexually speaking. Of course it’s not always 100% but more likely than not, you can take such compliments as “you look nice” to mean “I’m attracted and I’d like to let you know that”. But it does not necessarily mean he is flirting or wants to date. He’s just complimenting.