What word ends in IE?

What word ends in IE?

9-letter words that end in ie

  • menagerie.
  • brasserie.
  • shanachie.
  • booboisie.
  • papeterie.
  • scrunchie.
  • gaucherie.
  • chronaxie.

What are some IE words?

Examples of I Before E and E Before I Words

-ie -ei
believe conceit
cashier conceive
chief deceit
field deceive

What words end in EZ?

4-letter words that end in ez

  • chez.
  • prez.
  • jeez.
  • geez.
  • oyez.
  • suez.
  • abez.
  • baez.

What letter ends with Z?

4 letter words that end with Z

  • buzz.
  • chez.
  • ditz.
  • fizz.
  • friz.
  • futz.
  • fuzz.
  • jasz.

Is there a 3 letter word ending in Z?

There are 22 three-letter words ending with Z Words in black are found in both the twl06 and the sowpods dictionaries; words in red are only in the sowpods dictionary.

What is a 5 letter word ending in Z?

5-letter words ending with Z

abuzz Achaz
spitz squiz
swizz Taraz
topaz trooz
Vaduz waltz

Are there any 2 letter words that end in Z?

2-letter words ending with Z

az Bz
iz NZ
oz uz

Is Zi a word?

ZI is not a valid scrabble word.

Is Riz a word?

(US, dialect) Rose or risen.

What Riz means in English?

dialectal past tense of rise

Is Riz feminine?

The gender of riz is masculine. E.g. le riz.

What does Loy mean?

1 : a long narrow spade used in Ireland. 2 : a tool with a broad chisel point for digging post holes.

What does RUz mean?


Acronym Definition
RUz Republic of Uzbekistan
RUz Right Upper Zone (lung region)

Is Riz a Scrabble word?

RIZ is a valid scrabble word.

Is Je a WWF word?

like ja, je, vu, quo, que… just turn on the word strength button and if you place your letters on the board and a green tick appears, it is an accepted word. I’ve played many words unbeknownst to me previously just by doing that and experimenting. Try it! Make sure you have downloaded the latest WWF app.

Is Ja an English word?

Ja is a German word and is defined as yes. An example of ja is how you might respond to someone in Berlin when they ask if you’d like a beer. interjection. 3.

What Ja mean in English?

vote of yes

What does JA mean in French?

n abbr → judge advocate.

Does Ja mean Jamaica?

JA also stands for: Jamaica Awareness.

What is God called in Jamaica?

Jah and Jesus of Nazareth The term “Jah” is a shortened version of “Jehovah”, the name of God in English translations of the Old Testament. Rastafari holds strongly to the immanence of this divinity; as well as regarding Jah as a deity, Rastas believe that Jah is inherent within each individual.

Why do Jamaicans say hush?

“Hush” in Jamaican is actually a way to give someone sympathy. Even if it’s said in the most hurried way, it’s still meant with good will, and so it should be taken in that way. It might shock you the first time you hear it, but try to remember not to take offence. It means “I’m sorry”.

What does PON mean in Jamaican?

What are you doing

How do you say go away in Jamaican?

Gweh : Go away.