What word means edit for publication?

What word means edit for publication?

Edit for publication. REDACT. Edits for publication. REDACTS. One who edits for publication.

What is a small harpsichord called?

Ottavino. Ottavini are small spinets or virginals at four-foot pitch. Harpsichords at octave pitch were more common in the early Renaissance, but lessened in popularity later on. However, the ottavino remained very popular as a domestic instrument in Italy until the 19th century.

Is unsteady crossword clue?

All Crossword-Answers for: Unsteady

Clue Answer Letters
Unsteady SHAKY 5
Unsteady BEERY 5
Unsteady DAZED 5
Unsteady TIPSY 5

What do you call a towed vehicle?

A tow truck (also called a wrecker, a breakdown truck, recovery vehicle or a breakdown lorry) is a truck used to move disabled, improperly parked, impounded, or otherwise indisposed motor vehicles.

What can you tow without a towing Licence?

What can I tow without a trailer licence? If you passed your test before 1 January 1997: Combined weight of car and caravan outfit up to 8,250kg. If you passed your test after 1 January 1997: Combined weight of car and caravan outfit up to 3,500kg.

What does in tow mean?

In one’s charge or close guidance; along with one. For example, The older girl took the new student in tow, or Peter always had his family in tow. This expression alludes to the literal meaning of being pulled along. [

What means endow?

1 : to furnish with an income especially : to make a grant of money providing for the continuing support or maintenance of endow a hospital. 2 : to furnish with a dower. 3 : to provide with something freely or naturally endowed with a good sense of humor.

What is the meaning of arduous?

arduous \AHR-juh-wus\ adjective. 1 a : hard to accomplish or achieve : difficult. b : marked by great labor or effort : strenuous. 2 : hard to climb : steep.

Which word can replace arduous?


  • Augean,
  • backbreaking,
  • challenging,
  • demanding,
  • difficult,
  • effortful,
  • exacting,
  • formidable,

What is the best synonym for arduous?


  • arduous.
  • exhausting.
  • grueling.
  • hard.
  • laborious.
  • punishing.
  • taxing.
  • toilsome.

What is a stronger word for angry?

1 irate, incensed, enraged, infuriated, furious, mad; provoked, irritated.

How can I express my feeling of sadness?

Write in a journal, listen to music, spend time with friends or family, and/or draw to express the emotion sadness. Think about the context of the sad feelings. Are they related to a loss or an unhappy event? Think about the feelings in a non-judging way and ride the wave of the experience.