What words can you make with the letters retort?

What words can you make with the letters retort?

Words that can be made with retort

  • otter.
  • retro.
  • rotte.
  • torte.
  • toter.

How do you use the word retort?

Retort sentence example. She tried to think of a retort , but couldn’t. She opened her mouth to retort but stopped. The retorts are charged with molten sulphur from an upper reservoir, which is kept at the requisite temperature by means of the lost heat of the retort fires.

What is Aretort?

transitive verb. 1 : to pay or hurl back : return retort an insult. 2a : to make a reply to. b : to say in reply.

What words can you spell with trip?

An unofficial list of all the Scrabble words you can make from the letters in the word trips….Words that can be made with trips

  • spirt.
  • sprit.
  • stirp.
  • strip.
  • trips.

Does Word trip ever end?

➤ With over 5000 puzzles and counting, your word trip will never end!

What is a positive word that starts with the letter S?

List of Positive Words That Start With S

Sacrifice Safe Secure
Simplifying Simply Sincere
Sincerely Sincerity Skilful
Skilfully Skill Skilled
Slammin Sleek Sleekly

What is a positive word for T?

50 Commonly Used Positive Words

Word Part of Speech Definition
terrific adjective fantastic, amazing, very good
thankful adjective someone feeling or showing gratitude
therapeutic adjective having healing properties for an ailment
thorough adjective missing no details

What is a negative word that starts with S?

List Of Negative Words That Starts With S

Number List Of Negative Words That Starts With S
1 Sabotage
2 Sack
3 Sacrificed
4 Sad

What does self willed mean?

: governed by one’s own will : not yielding to the wishes of others : obstinate.

What is self willed worship?

: extravagant admiration for or devotion to oneself : worship of oneself : self-idolatry Thanks to social media, young people take constant photos of themselves in a kind of self-worship.—

What is the opposite of self willed?

antonyms of self-willed MOST RELEVANT. amenable. easy. facile. manageable.

What is another word for self will?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for self-will, like: self-control, self-possession, possession, willpower, will-power, self-command, stubbornness, bullheadedness, obstinacy, obstinance and pigheadedness.

What is the meaning of intransigent?

: characterized by refusal to compromise or to abandon an often extreme position or attitude : uncompromising intransigent in their opposition an intransigent attitude.

What does the word contumacious mean?

: stubbornly disobedient : rebellious She was warned that her contumacious conduct would not be tolerated.