What would you say while spell checking the phrase my father was write?

What would you say while spell checking the phrase my father was write?

What would you see while spell checking the phrase “My father was write”?

  1. A. The word “write” is misspelled.
  2. No errors.
  3. The verb of the phrase will be highlighted.
  4. A blue squiggly underline under the word “write”

What features are used to check spelling of the text?

Answer. Answer: in word office in click on review bar there you will find spelling check click on it then you will find your spelling and grammar mistakes.

What do you mean by spell checking?

In software, a spell checker (or spell check) is a software feature that checks for misspellings in a text. Spell-checking features are often embedded in software or services, such as a word processor, email client, electronic dictionary, or search engine.

What are spell checker write and explain options available in spell checker?

Depending on the spell checker, the feature may either autocorrect the word or allow the user to select from potential corrections on the misspelled word. The picture is an example of wavy (squiggly) red underlines and how spelling errors in Microsoft Word are displayed.

Why is spell check needed?

Spell check addresses the spelling issues and simplifies the experience by building your dictionary, managing your ignored words list, or correcting the misspelled words. Working with the spell check option is a good practice to ensure high quality.

Which line is displayed under the wrongly entered words?

By default, Word automatically checks your document for spelling and grammar errors, so you may not even need to run a separate check. These errors are indicated by colored, wavy lines. The red line indicates a misspelled word. The blue line indicates a grammatical error, including misused words.

Which Colour line indicate the mistake in Word?

Why is there a blue line under my word?

Wavy blue lines that appear under text in a Word document indicate that the Format Consistency Checker is turned on and is functioning in the background as you type. The lines indicate that the Format Consistency Checker has detected an inconsistency that you may want to look at and to correct.

How do I get rid of the blue lines in Word 2016?

Word: What are the blue squiggly lines?

  1. Click the Microsoft Office button .
  2. Click Word Options.
  3. Click Advanced on the left.
  4. Scroll down to the Editing options section.
  5. Select the Mark formatting inconsistencies check box (if this check box is grayed out, select the Keep track of formatting check box first).
  6. Click OK.

How do I get rid of the blue lines in Word?

You can turn off this marking by making a configuration change in Word:

  1. Display the Word Options dialog box. (In Word 2007 click the Office button and then click Word Options.
  2. Click Advanced at the left side of the dialog box.
  3. In the Editing Options section, clear the Mark Formatting Inconsistencies check box.
  4. Click OK.

How do I get rid of the blue squiggly lines in Word 2013?

When you right-click on text marked with a blue squiggly underline, three choices display at the top of the popup menu: “Replace direct formatting with style Normal,” “Ignore Once,” and “Ignore Rule.” The first option will change depending on the type of the formatting inconsistency.

What does it mean when Word underlines a word in green?

By default, Word automatically checks your document for spelling and grammar errors, so you may not even need to run a separate spelling and grammar check. These errors are indicated by colored wavy lines. The red line indicates a misspelled word. The green line indicates a grammatical error.

Why red squiggly underlines when words are not spelled wrong?

As you can see, almost all the words have red squiggly lines under them, indicating that these words are spelled wrong. (If you don’t see those lines under the misspelled words in your documents, try turning on Edit > Spelling > Dynamic Spelling.) In other words, some subtle corruption may have snuck into the document.

What is spell check in MS Word?

Spell check identifies and corrects misspelled words. It also allows you to search a document yourself for words you know you’ve misspelled. In Microsoft Word, spell check options, like spelling and grammar may be found under the ‘review’ tab and ‘proofing’ window.

What are the ten tabs at the top of MS Word?

Ribbon and Tabs

  • Home tab: The Home tab is the default tab in Microsoft Word.
  • Insert tab: Insert Tab is the second tab in the Ribbon.
  • Page Layout tab: It is the third tab in the Ribbon.
  • References tab: It is the fourth tab in the Ribbon.
  • Mailings tab: It is the fifth tab in the ribbon.
  • Review tab:
  • View tab:

What are the names of the toolbars in Microsoft Word?

The Standard and Formatting toolbars are the two most common toolbars in Microsoft Office 2000. The Standard toolbar is located just below the menu bar. It contains icons representing universal commands such as New, Open, and Save. The Formatting toolbar is located just below the Standard toolbar.

What are the tabs in MS Word?

In Word there are eight tabs along the top; File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and View. Each tab relates to different activities that you can carry out when creating a document, for example should you wish to change margins and paper size you would click on the Page Layout tab.

Which tab on the ribbon would most users use most frequently?

Home tab

What is difference between File tab and ribbon?

Answer. The tabs are the individual buttons at the top. The ribbon is the entire, long horizontal row underneath.

What 3 functions are included by default in the Quick Access Toolbar?

If you use an Excel command frequently, you can add it to the Quick Access Toolbar. By default, the Quick Access Toolbar contains four commands: AutoSave, Save, Undo and Redo.

What are the 5 groups of commands on the Home tab?

For example, the home tab has five groups: Clipboard, Font, Paragraph (circled below), Styles, and Editing. A dialog box is opened when you click on the arrow in the bottom corner of a group. The dialog box gives more options and commands to format documents in one given area.

What will happen if you click on the Home tab?

Increase or decrease line and paragraph spacing. Increase or decrease text indentation. Add, change, or remove borders around text, text boxes, and tables. Add or modify heading types.

What are the basic operations available in the Home tab in Word 2010?

Answer. For example, from the File tab, you can access the Open, Save, Close, Properties, and Recent file options. The image below is of Microsoft Word 2010. When viewing the properties of a computer file, the top of the window contains one or more tabs called file tabs.

How do I use page layout in Word?

Use different orientations in the same document

  1. Select the pages or paragraphs whose orientation you want to change.
  2. Click PAGE LAYOUT > Page Setup dialog box launcher.
  3. In the Page Setup box, under Orientation, click Portrait or Landscape.
  4. Click the Apply to box, and click Selected text.

Where do I find page layout in Word?

To open the Page Setup dialog box: Click the Page Layout tab. Click the small arrow in the bottom-right corner of the Page Setup group. The Page Setup dialog box will appear.