When can I file FC-GPR?

When can I file FC-GPR?

What is the time limit for filing of Form FC-GPR? Ans: You need to file the Form FC-GPR within 30 days of allotment of shares.

What is INVI form?

(i) INVI Form – An Investment vehicle which has issued its units to a person resident outside India should file INVI Form, within 30 days from the date of issuance of units.

Who should file FC-TRS?

Onus of filing of form FC-TRS lies on the transferor/transferee whosoever is resident in India. 3. The transferor/transferee filing the form needs to register itself with RBI-Firms portal before filing it.

What is SMF and EMF?

In line with the procedure laid down by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in its circular dated 07 June, 2018 for the introduction of the Entity Master Form (EMF) (effective from 28 June, 2018) and Single Master Form (SMF) for reporting foreign investment, the RBI has implemented the second module, namely SMF for …

What is FC-TRS full form?

The literal meaning of Form FC-TRS is Foreign Currency Transfer of Shares. This form is filed in case of transfer of shares of an Indian Company from a resident to a Non-Resident/Non-Resident Indian and vice versa through its authorised dealer bank (AD Category-1 Bank)

Which is share valuation certificate format for FC GPR?

1.Format of share valuation certificate of private limited company to be issued by Chartered Accountant. And 2.Format of compliance certificate to be issued by company secretary for FC GPR filing. Pls professionals help in geeting these formats. Opinions are invited on below mentioned query.

What to fill in in form FC-GPR?

In the FC-GPR form the next thing you will have to fill in the total amount of inflow and the total amount for which the capital instruments have been issued. The next step for reporting the Form FC-GPR to the RBI the next set of details would be particulars of issues.

Do you need a CA certificate for fcgpr?

Under form FCGPR a CA Certificate is to be submitted regarding price difference on which the share were issued to the Indian Resident Shareholders and to the NRI/ Foreign Shareholders.

Which is the form issued by RBI for FC-GPR?

What is FC-GPR? Form FC-GPR: Issue of capital instruments by an Indian company to a person resident outside India It is a form issued by RBI under Foreign Exchange Management Act,1999.