When should you kill Ostrava?

When should you kill Ostrava?

Killing Ostrava early allows you to get the Mausoleum Key which unlocks the secret battle with Old King Doran (detailed below). Ostrava can be killed at any point in the game, regardless of how far his quest line has proceeded. In fact, two quests actually end up killing Ostrava as part of their narratives.

Does killing Ostrava affect character tendency?

Killing Ostrava in his Body Form will shift Character Tendency toward Black (-2), but it won’t adjust World Tendency. Killing Ostrava in his Black Phantom Form won’t have any effect on either World Tendency or Character Tendency.

Does Ostrava kill himself?

He dies without knowing the whole truth and gives the player the key to Old King Doran. Following his death, Ostrava appears as a black phantom at the end of the hall just within the entrance of the King’s Tower as the last obstacle to King Allant.

How do I get Soulbrandt?

Soulbrandt Location: Where to Find Soulbrandt

  1. There is only one chance to obtain this sword each playthrough.
  2. At the very end of the game, enter The Old One and fight King Allant.
  3. After the battle, the Soulbrandt will be on the ground next to where he died.

Where do I save Ostrava?

After each rescue, Ostrava appears in The Nexus sitting on a beam in the main area. Note that after rescuing him once in a certain stage, he will still respawn in the same place among the enemies. You need to rescue him every time he spawns in a level or risk getting him killed.

What happens if Ostrava dies?

If Ostrava is killed by enemies, you need to loot the Mausoleum Key he drops or it will be gone forever. If he survives long enough to meet you after the Blue Flying Dragon is defeated, he gives you the Mausoleum Key before committing suicide. On the way to the False King, you will encounter Black Phantom Ostrava.

How do you get crescent Falchion early?

Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to beat the level to grab the Crescent Falchion–it’s actually found fairly early on. As soon as you go through the first fog gate, go left. Keep going until you discover another door that you can go through, which will be on your left.

How do you get the crescent Uchigatana?

  1. The Uchigatana must be exactly +6 in order to be made Crescent. You must upgrade a new Uchi to +6 or downgrade your current one to +0 then upgrade it to +6.
  2. The Searing Demon Soul is NOT required for Crescent upgrades.