Where do you put jamais?

Where do you put jamais?

Jamais is one of the few words that can replace the pas part of the negative in a negation sentence. Some of the others are aucun, personne, and rien, which are French negative pronouns. Another anomaly with jamais is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be placed directly after the verb.

How do you say never in a sentence in French?

The French word jamais usually means “never,” in the negative construction ne… jamais: On nous dit que les bus ne sont jamais à l’heure. They tell us that the buses are never on time.

Do you need ne with Jamais?

Notice that to say never, you use ne.. jamais around the conjugated verb. Note: ne becomes n’ when in front of a vowel or mute h.

Does Jamais come before or after?

When a verb is in the infinitive, ne … pas, ne … rien, ne … plus and ne … jamais come together before the infinitive.

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