Where was the Narnia Prince Caspian filmed?

Where was the Narnia Prince Caspian filmed?

New Zealand is a popular film location due to its dramatic landscapes and relatively small population. The Coromandel is no exception with Cathedral Cove, regarded as a must do activity for a visitor to New Zealand, featuring in The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Is the castle in Prince Caspian Real?

Although the Telmarines, descendants of pirates, are given a distinctly Spanish vibe, the design of the castle is based on the Château de Pierrefonds, about 50 miles northeast of Paris in France.

How old was Ben Barnes when Prince Caspian was filmed?

Lewis stories Barnes read as a child. So when the opportunity to portray Caspian in the forthcoming film “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian,” the 26-year-old British actor jumped at the chance. Then, for a moment, he had to jump away from it.

What happened to Narnia in Prince Caspian?

A year after their first adventure in Narnia, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are pulled back in by Susan’s magic horn. They find that hundreds of years have passed, and Narnia is now ruled by the bloodthirsty General Miraz, uncle to the true heir, Prince Caspian, now in exile.

Who did Caspian end up with?

Caspian later married Lilliandil in the Narnian year of 2310, and made her the Queen of Narnia. In 2325, fifteen years later, she gave birth to a son, Prince Rilian, the heir apparent to the Narnian Throne.

Why can’t adults go to Narnia?

As such, adults cannot enter Narnia, though there seems to be no fixed age limit – it’s merely when a person has “grown up,” as Susan and Peter do, that they can no longer enter. As one who has lost her belief in Narnia, Susan is the only one of her siblings who never truly return.

How old is Susan in Narnia Prince Caspian?

Susan is not very good at school work and acts old for her age (14 at the time). The 2010 film adaptation shows Susan in a few brief scenes newly added for the film. She is seen at the beginning of the film writing a letter to Edmund and Lucy.

Where does the story of Prince Caspian take place?

Macmillan US published an American edition within the calendar year. Prince Caspian has been adapted and filmed as two episodes of BBC television series in 1989 and as a feature film in 2008. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie are magically whisked away from a British railway station to a beach near an old and ruined castle.

Who is Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia?

Prince Caspian (character) Prince Caspian (also known as Caspian X, King of Narnia, Lord of Cair Paravel and Emperor of The Lone Islands, Caspian the Seafarer, and Caspian the Navigator) is a fictional character in The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. He is featured in three books in the series: Prince Caspian,…

Who was the actor who played Prince Caspian?

In the 1989 television serial of Prince Caspian produced by the BBC, the teenaged Caspian was played by Jean Marc Perret.

Who is the illustrator of the book Prince Caspian?

Like the others, it was illustrated by Pauline Baynes and her work has been retained in many later editions. Prince Caspian features a “return to Narnia” by the four Pevensie children of the first novel, about a year later in England but 1300 years later in Narnia.