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Which 2 design elements can be found in the US flag?

Which 2 design elements can be found in the US flag?

The answer you are looking for is Pattern and rhythm. Pattern and Rhythm are principles of Desing. In desing, a pattern is a repetition of design, an element that occurs over and over again in a composition.

What is rhythm in art?

Rhythm is a principle of design that suggests movement or action. Rhythm is usually achieved through repetition of lines, shapes, colors, and more. It creates a visual tempo in artworks and provides a path for the viewer’s eye to follow.

What is repetition art?

Repetition is simply repeating a single element many times in a design. For example, you could draw a line horizontally and then draw several others next to it. We can also use shapes, colors, textures, fonts, etc. to maintain this consistency via repetition. You can also achieve repetition by using repeated messages.

What is unity and variety in art?

Variety is the use of different visual elements throughout a work, whereas unity is a feeling that all the parts of a work fit together well. These do not have to be opposites, as a work filled with variety might also have unity.

How do you achieve variety in art?

Variety works through juxtaposition and contrast. When an artist places different visual elements next to one another, he/she is using variety. Straight lines next to curvy lines add variety. Organic shapes among geometric shapes add variety.

What 2 characteristics are applicable to all works of art?

found by reading the chapter.

  • What 2 characteristics are applicable to ALL works of art? Form and content is applicable for all works of art.
  • What are the purposes of the Arts?
  • What are the functions of the Arts?

What 3 ways do we sharpen our aesthetic perceptions?

Ways to sharpen aesthetic perception? 1. identify items that can be seen and heard in works of art. 2….4 similarities of purpose and functions of art.

  • some art exist for its own sake.
  • aesthetics.
  • ” art for arts own sake”
  • exists for no reason except for beauty.

What really makes a work of art?

The definition of work of art is something that is considered to have aesthetic value, something that is beautiful, intriguing, interesting, creative or extremely well done. An example of a work of art is a painting by Monet. An example of a work of art is a beautifully made piece of furniture.

What two things must a person know before attempting to gather?

What two things must a person know before attempting to gather information from a work of art? Define the term criteria and how it is used in art. You must know two things: What to look for and how to look for. Criteria means to gain advice.

Why were buildings built with barrel vaults dark and gloomy?

why were buildings constructed with barrel vaults dark and gloomy inside? Builders were reluctant to pierce the thick walls of vaulted buildings with windows; they feared that the openings would weaken the vault.

What types of subjects do artists depict in their works?

Types of subjects artists use to depict their works are landscapes, nature, people, still life’s, and historical subjects.

Which is a concern of a serious photographer?

Art 4 Chapter 3

capturing images on light sensitive surfaces photography
Stieglitz black and white photographer taught others to use photography as an art form
learned from Stieglitz Ansel Adams
five concerns of a serious photographer lighting, subject, point of view, equipment, darkroom

What are art processes give three examples?

These include drawing, printmaking, painting, photography, and some mixed media.

What is the difference between the two intaglio processes etching and engraving?

Explain the difference between the two intaglio processes: etching and engraving. In etching, a long process is used that requires making a ground, etching lines into a metal plate, and transferring an image. In engraving, the lines are cut directly into the metal plate with a burin.

What kinds of valuable activities does one engage in when creating or examining works of art?

Fine art is created for its own sake; it stands on its own merits as a work of art. What valuable kinds of activities does one engage in when creating or examining works or art? It stimulates the mind, defines one’s self, and expresses the artist’s values.