Which aspect of the setting in the tempest makes it most suitable for a discussion of colonialism?

Which aspect of the setting in the tempest makes it most suitable for a discussion of colonialism?

Which aspect of the setting in The Tempest makes it most suitable for a discussion of colonialism? It is completely isolated from the influences of outside governments.

Which aspect of the setting in The Tempest?

The setting of The Tempest takes place on an island somewhere in the Mediterranean, and perhaps inspired by the real-life tempest which stranded several ships in Bermuda. The unspecific location of the island functions to allow Shakespeare, and the reader, to create endless possibilities for the activity on the island.

Which aspect of the tempest is most important?

Explanation: The most important aspect of The Tempest for Shakespeare’s colonialism is the isolated island setting in which the story takes place. In this play, we learn that the island was isolated, and inhabited only by Ariel and Caliban.

Which aspect of the tempest is the best demonstration?

The best demonstration of a difference in power in The Tempest is that some characters have magical abilities while others do not. Explanation: The Tempest is a comedy play written by William Shakespeare, it was first performed in 1611, and it is famous for being one of his last and greatest works.

Which character relationship in The Tempest is the best representation of linguistic imperialism?

Answer: The character relationship in “The Tempest” that is the best example of linguistic imperialism is: D. Prospero and Caliban, because one forces the other to speak his language.

Which character relationship best shows how colonizers?

The character relationship Best shows how colonizers took advantage of differences between native populations is Caliban and Ariel because they hate each other even though they are both slaves. The answer is A. Thank you for posting your question here at brainly.

Which character relationship in The Tempest gives the best insight into colonialism?

“Prospero and Caliban ” is the one character relationship in The Tempest among the following choices given in the question that gives the best insight into colonialism during Shakespeare’s time. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the first option or option “A”.

What does Ariel do that causes fear in the hearts of Stephano and Trinculo?

The correct answer is C) He plays a musical tune yet remains invisible. What Ariel did that caused fear in the hearts of Stephano and Trinculo was “He plays a musical tune yet remains invisible.” We are talking about “The Tempest,” a play written by renown English writer William Shakespeare.

What is the major difference in the way that Caliban and Ariel are treated?

Answer: The correct answer is A. Caliban is controlled by physical torture, while Ariel is kept under control with mental manipulation.

What does Caliban suggest for killing Prospero?

Caliban persuades Stephano that he should kill Prospero and become lord of the island. They plot to approach Prospero during his afternoon nap and brain him after taking his books. Caliban says that Stephano could take Prospero’s beautiful daughter as his queen of the island.

How do Stephano and Trinculo treat Caliban?

In addition, Stephano and Trinculo give Caliban wine, which Caliban finds to be a “celestial liquor” (II. ii. 109). Moreover, Caliban initially mistakes Stephano and Trinculo for Prospero’s spirits, but alcohol convinces him that Stephano is a “brave god” and decides unconditionally to “kneel to him” (II.

What is the relationship between Caliban and Prospero?

Caliban and Prospero’s relationship can be seen as a form of colonization. Caliban had once put his faith in Prospero and loved him dearly but once, Prospero arrived at the island and took advantage of Caliban (due to his knowledge of the island), he enslaved him.

What does Caliban symbolize?

He is an ungrateful and incorrigible wretch. Caliban in The Tempest is also an embodiment of slavery on the island that Prospero has usurped. He, therefore, represents slavery and the revolt against slavery in all its forms.

What is the difference between Caliban and Ariel’s relationships with Prospero?

Prospero’s relationship towards Ariel is of a quite different nature than his relationship towards Caliban. Whereas Prospero uses his magic in order to subjugate Caliban, he uses it in order to free Ariel from the curse of Sycorax.

Why is Ariel indebted to Prospero?

In The Tempest, Ariel is indebted to Prospero because he used his magic to free him from a cloven pine when he arrived on the island. The wicked witch Sycorax imprisoned Ariel before she died, and he remained imprisoned in the tree for twelve years until Prospero freed him.

What did Prospero teach Caliban?

Caliban remembers when Prospero first came: Prospero was kind to Caliban, and Caliban loved Prospero, showing him all the best places in the island. 1.2: Caliban claims that the benefit of being taught Prospero’s language was learning how to curse, and he wishes a red plague upon Prospero for teaching him his language.

What happened Caliban?

After his island becomes occupied by Prospero and his daughter Miranda, Caliban is forced into slavery. While he is referred to as a calvaluna or mooncalf, a freckled monster, he is the only human inhabitant of the island that is otherwise “not honour’d with a human shape” (Prospero, I. 2.283).

Is Caliban good or bad?

At first, Caliban appears to be a bad person as well as a poor judge of character. Prospero has conquered him, so out of revenge, Caliban plots to murder Prospero. In some ways, though, Caliban is also innocent and childlike—almost like someone who doesn’t know any better.

Why does Caliban hide under his cloak when he sees trinculo?

Why did Caliban hide under his cloak? He sees Trinculo while he is gathering wood, thinks he is a spirit and attempts to hide from him. He is frightened by the storm and is also interested in Caliban; he thinks he could bring him to England to be in a freak show.