Which event from Chapter 7 of holes is related as a flashback?

Which event from Chapter 7 of holes is related as a flashback?

Therefore, the event from Chapter 7 of Holes that is a flashback is Stanley’s grandfather falling in love with Myra Menke because it goes back in time to describe how Stanley’s grandfather falls in love with Myra Menke.

Why is the flashback important Brainly?

Answer: It helps the reader identify and explains what happened, why thing’s happened and how things happened to Stanley’s grandfather.

Is holes a fractured narrative?

This makes the book an example of a 1:fractured narrative.

Why is the warden the antagonist in holes?

The Warden is the cruel antagonist in ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. She’s obsessed with finding Kissin’ Kate Barlow’s fortune, and won’t let anything get in her way.

Is the Warden related to Kissin Kate Barlow?

She is the granddaughter of Charles “Trout” Walker and Linda Walker. The Warden is shown to have been digging holes as she grows up and does nothing else other than trying to finish the work of looking for the treasure of Kissin’ Kate Barlow (Katherine Barlow).

What made Stanley so sure he would not find anything in the dirt dug up by zero?

Why was Stanley so sure he wouldn’t find anything despite his careful search through the dirt dug up by Zero? Stanley knew they were digging in the wrong hole. X-Ray claimed he found the tube the next day in a different area where he was digging. According to Zigzag, how did the Warden know all of their names?

What happened to Elya Yelnats?

Elya Yelnats is Stanley’s no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather. 150 years ago, Elya Yelnats was in love with the empty-headed but beautiful Myra Menke….

Elya Yelnats
Race Latvian-American
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Old Age
Location Heaven

Why does Stanley lie about stealing the sneakers?

Why does Stanley lie about stealing the sneakers? He thought the other boys’ crimes were probably worse, and he thought no one would believe him if he said he was innocent. What does Stanley think when the sneakers fall on his head? He thinks that it is a sign and that the shoes are a gift from above.

Why does Elya fail to keep his promise to Madame Zeroni?

Elya Yelnats, Stanley Yelnats’s ‘no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather,’ is responsible for the family curse. After receiving a piglet from Madame Zeroni, he failed to carry her up the mountain so she could drink from the spring.

What does Madame Zeroni ask for in return what will happen if Elya doesn’t return the favor?

what will happen if Elya doesn’t return the favor ? Madame Zeroni ask Elya to carry her up to the mountain . because she wants to rink from the stream . If elay cant keep the promise he would be curse for all eternity .

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