Which is a problem faced by both the bird and the author of the poem Sympathy?

Which is a problem faced by both the bird and the author of the poem Sympathy?

Which is a problem faced by both the bird and the author of the poem “Sympathy”? They both face barriers that restrict their freedom.

What is the symbolism of the caged bird?

The birds in “Caged Bird” can be seen as symbolizing two different racial groups. The caged bird, which has been forced to live its entire life in captivity, can be seen as representing the African American community, who suffer from race-based oppression.

Who are the main characters in I Know Why a Caged Bird Sings?

Primary characters

  • Marguerite Johnson (“Maya”)
  • Annie Henderson (“Momma”)
  • Bailey Johnson Jr.
  • Uncle Willie.
  • Vivian Baxter Johnson (“Mother Dear”)
  • Bailey Johnson Sr.
  • Mr. Freeman.
  • Mrs. Bertha Flowers.

Why did the narrator feel pity for Mrs Cullinan?

A: The narrator feels pity for Mrs. Cullinan because she couldn’t have children of her own. Cullinan couldn’t have children. She said that she was too delicate-boned.

What was the relationship between Mrs Cullinan and Miss Glory?

Cullinan, an unattractive white woman, to learn how to become a domestic. Mrs. Cullinan’s maid is Miss Glory, a descendant from a line of slaves who had always worked for the Cullinan family.

What is the theme of my name is Margaret?

In Maya Angelou’s “My Name is Margaret”, Identity especially name becomes a thing that crucial. The story that mainly focus on Margaret’s experiences when working on a white woman’s house, has a really crucial issue about identity. Someone would do anything to take back their identity, to make other respect them.

How does Angelous comment about the liberal woman from Texas identify the immediate audience for her essay?

Answer: By commenting that the “WHITE woman from Texas [. . . who was] a liberal” asked about her hometown, Maya Angelou presents us with the realization that the essay/ short story’s intended audience is those white people who put themselves superior to the ‘blacks’ and the apparent disparity between the two.

Why is the poem titled Sympathy?

This poem has a simple title: “Sympathy.” On one level, this title indicates the “sympathy” that the speaker feels for the caged bird. He identifies with this bird and he feels its suffering. In this sense, the poem’s title can be understood to reflect the speaker’s own identification with the bird.

What is the overall tone of caged bird?

This poem evokes the sympathy of its reader for the bird who cannot soar under the sun with the wind beneath his wings. Still, the bird’s spirit is resilient and the imprisoned bird expresses his desire to soar despite his bindings. The overall tone of the poem is sorrowful, but persevering.

What is the structure of caged bird?

Structure and Form ‘Caged Bird’ by Maya Angelou is a six stanza poem that is separated into stanzas that range in length. Angelou chose to write the poem in free verse. This means that there is no single rhyme scheme or metrical pattern that unites all the lines. But, there are some examples of an iambic meter.

Which is true about the speaker in the poem sympathy and the poet?

It is true about the speaker in the poem “Sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar that A. Dunbar is the poet and speaker. Dunbar’s parents were former slaves and through this poem, he states that he knows what the caged bird feels because he knows what oppressed African-Americans felt.

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