Which is correct Fulfil or fulfill?

Which is correct Fulfil or fulfill?

Fulfil and fulfill are both correct spellings of the same word. It means “to put into effect,” “to achieve,” “to carry out,” or “to realize.” Fulfil is the spelling commonly used in English speaking countries like the UK and Australia. Fulfill is the spelling commonly used in the United States.

What is the meaning Fulfil?

transitive verb. 1a : to put into effect : execute He fulfilled his pledge to cut taxes. b : to meet the requirements of (a business order) Their order for more TVs was promptly fulfilled. c : to measure up to : satisfy She hasn’t yet fulfilled the requirements needed to graduate.

What is the plural of Fulfil?

Fulfill: First person present singular and plural, second person present singular and plural, third person present plural. Fulfills: Third person present plural. Fulfilled: Simple past. Fulfilling: Present participle.

What is the difference between fill and fulfill?

As verbs the difference between fulfill and fill is that fulfill is (archaic) to fill full; fill to the utmost capacity; fill up while fill is to occupy fully, to take up all of.

Do you fill a need or fulfill a need?

The verb fulfill means to fill a need or want. To fulfill yourself personally means to follow your inner passion, like flute-playing, no matter who thinks it’s silly. Fulfill can also mean to meet expectations, or live up to a standard.

What is the word for outdated?

out-of-date, outmoded, outworn, passé, prehistoric.

What is a better word for outdated?

What is another word for outdated?

old banal
archaic obsolete
defunct extinct
antiquated antediluvian
superannuated hoary

Which is outdated or out of use?

adjective. no longer in use or fashionable; out-of-date; outmoded; antiquated.

What’s the opposite of clear?

foggy, guilty, dim, culpable, obscure, congested, fuzzy, blocked, Hindered, unintelligible, ambiguous, cloudy, clogged, responsible, dull, Obscured, mysterious, unclear, dark, stormy, clouded, vague, indistinct, uncertain, gloomy, rainy, smudged, closed, shadowy.

What is the meaning of idiom daylight robbery?

a situation in which someone is charged a price that is much too high: The banks should not be able to get away with this daylight robbery.

What is the meaning of 11th hour?

The Eleventh Hour is a phrase meaning at the last moment, taken from a passage in the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard in the King James Bible.