Which is correct Learnt or learned?

Which is correct Learnt or learned?

Learnt and learned are both used as the past participle and past tense of the verb to learn. Learned is the generally accepted spelling in the United States and Canada, while the rest of the English-speaking world seems to prefer learnt.

Who uses Learnt?

These are alternative forms of the past tense and past participle of the verb learn. Both are acceptable, but learned is often used in both British English and American English, while learnt is much more common in British English than in American English. We learned the news at about three o’clock.

Was Learnt in a sentence?

I have never learnt the art of sailing. If I never learnt nothing else out of pap, I learnt that the best way to get along with his kind of people is to let them have their own way. For I am a plodding kind of fellow, Copperfield, and had learnt the way of doing such things pithily.

Is Learnt informal?

Learnt is a variant especially common outside North America. Learnt however is more common in British than America and Canada and is considered informal. Learned or Learnt: Learned is used as a verb as well as an adjective but learnt (with a t) is only used as a verb.

What does Learnt mean?


Does the word Learnt exist?

‘Learned’ and ‘learnt’ are both used as the past participle and past tense forms of the verb ‘to learn’. ‘Learned’ is the preferred way of spelling in the US and Canada, while ‘learnt’ is favoured in British English.

What type of word is Learnt?

verb. a simple past tense and past participle of learn.

What is another word for Learnt?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for learnt, like: unearthed, determined, taught, discovered, studied, acquired, mastered, memorialized, memorized, read and assimilated.

What is the opposite word of Learnt?

What are the antonyms for LEARNT PART? halt, hide, conceal, take back, ignore, confuse, neglect, cease, go cold turkey, mix up, forget, stop.