Which is correct sync or synch?

Which is correct sync or synch?

The spelling “synch” is a variant of “sync”, and “sync” (synced) is the one mostly used. Both are the informal short form of synchronize (as in synchronization).

What does it mean to be in synch with someone?

1 : in a state in which two or more people or things move or happen together at the same time and speed The dancers moved in sync. The film’s sound and picture need to be in sync. —often + with She moved in sync with her partner.

Is synch a real word?

synced or synched (sɪŋkt) sync•ing or synch•ing (ˈsɪŋ kɪŋ) n. 1. synchronization. 2. to synchronize.

What is mean by synced?

Sync, short for “synchronize,” is a verb for making things work together. When you lip-sync, you are moving your mouth to exactly match someone else’s words spoken or sung at precisely the same time. The word now means any type of such matching up, including personal relationships.

Why do humans synchronize?

People synchronize in various ways when we interact with one another. We subconsciously match our footsteps when we walk. During conversations, we mirror each other’s postures and gestures. To that end, studies have shown that people synchronize heart rates and breathing when watching emotional films together.

What syncing means?

Syncing is the act of getting two elements into harmony. Transferring data between two or more devices so they will have the same files is an example of syncing.

What does synched mean?

Synched is defined as events have been coordinated to happen at the same time. An example of synched is three friends getting online to purchase tickets for an event at the exact time they go on sale. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What is another word for synch?

Princeton ‘s WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate these synonyms: synchronize, synchronise, sync(verb) make synchronous and adjust in time or manner. “Let’s synchronize our efforts”. Synonyms: contemporize, synchronize, contemporise, sync, synchronise.

What is another word for synched?

Synonyms for sync include upload, transfer, connect, exchange, pass, send, transmit, coincide, agree and accord. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

What is the meaning of the word sync?

Sync may refer to any of the following: 1. In general, sync or synch is short for “synchronize” and refers to an exchange between multiple devices or programs that makes the data on all devices identical. 2. When referring to hardware, sync is a term used to describe the process of connecting a peripheral, such as a smartphone, to a computer.