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Which is the comparative form of the adverb carefully?

Which is the comparative form of the adverb carefully?

2. Two-syllable adverbs: use more

adverb comparative adverb
carefully more carefully
efficiently more efficiently
happily more happily
horribly more horribly

What is the comparative form of an adverb?

An adjective or adverb is made into the comparative form in one of two ways. Most one-syllable adjectives and adverbs take the ending -er. Two-syllable adjectives ending in y form the comparative by taking the ending -er. Other two-syllable adjectives use more + regular form to make the comparative.

What is the comparative of careful?

careful – carefully – more carefully – most carefully. happy – happily – more happily – most happily. Foradverbs which retain the same form as the adjective form, we add -er to formthe comparative and -est to form the superlative.

What is the adverb for carefully?

We make many adverbs by adding -ly to an adjective, for example: quick (adjective) > quickly (adverb) careful (adjective) > carefully (adverb) beautiful (adjective) > beautifully (adverb)

Where do you put fast in a sentence?

What is the correct sentence position for the adverb “quickly”? Like other adverbs of manner (slowly, thoughtfully, excitedly, etc.), quickly is most often placed before the main verb, especially if the verb has a direct object, as shown below.

What’s another word for quickly?

What is another word for quickly?

fast rapidly
speedily swiftly
hastily posthaste
briskly quick
apace hurriedly

How do you say have a good weekend in different ways?

Synonyms for Good weekend

  • have a nice weekend.
  • wonderful weekend. n.
  • fun weekend. n.
  • great weekend. n.
  • happy holidays.
  • have a good weekend.
  • nice weekend. n.
  • pleasant weekend. n.

What are fun ways to say?

What is another word for have fun?

whoop it up celebrate
enjoy oneself make merry
party rave
rejoice carouse
have a party make whoopee

What is the opposite of fun-loving?

Opposite of having a fun-loving or high-spirited disposition or manner. earnest. serious-minded. sober. sobersided.