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Which response best expresses how Thorin was treated in Lake-Town?

Which response best expresses how Thorin was treated in Lake-Town?

Which response best expresses how Thorin was treated in Lake-Town? there was great excitement in the town when they announced who he was. Bilbo notices a bare patch on Smaug’s waistcoat. he is forgiving Bilbo after being angry at him for stealing the Arkenstone.

Why is Thorin such an important dwarf?

Thorin Oakenshield Thorin is the leader of the dwarves seeking to return the Mountain to dwarf control. He is the rightful King under the Mountain, but cannot claim that title until Smaug is dead. Unfortunately, he is killed in the Battle of the Five Armies, so he never does serve as the king.

How do the people of Lake-Town react to the dwarves plans?

The people of the town rejoice. They have all heard the stories of how gold flowed down the river when the King under the Mountain reigned before Smaug came. They treat the dwarves and even Bilbo like kings. After a fortnight, the company is strong and eager again.

Why does smaug smash the doorstep ledge?

Why does Smaug smash the “doorstep” ledge after his conversation with Bilbo? Bilbo enrages Smaug by insulting him. He smashes it accidentally.

What does Bilbo do with the Arkenstone?

Bilbo takes the Arkenstone and goes to Bombur, who is on guard during the night, and volunteers to take his watch for him. When Bombur agrees, he puts on his ring of invisibility and goes to the elves. He asks to be taken to Bard, and gives Bard the Arkenstone to use in negotiating peace with Thorin.

Why is the Arkenstone so important?

The Arkenstone is discovered during the reign of Thrór – rather than that of Thráin I – and never leaves the Lonely Mountain. It is considered a divine symbol for the King under the Mountain to rule, and is fastened on the king’s throne.

Does Thorin get the Arkenstone?

While the Dwarves with Thorin sorted the treasure, Thorin sought only the Arkenstone, unaware that Bilbo was hiding it in his pillow. The Arkenstone was placed upon Thorin’s chest within his tomb deep under the Lonely Mountain, and so was returned to the earth at last.

What happened to erebor after Thorin died?

After Thorin’s death, his cousin Dáin II Ironfoot of the Iron Hills became king of Durin’s folk; and when news reached Durin’s folk in the Ered Luin that Erebor was retaken, it is believed that most of them moved to the Lonely Mountain.