Which rhetorical appeal does Antigone use in an attempt to persuade Ismene to help her bury Polyneices?

Which rhetorical appeal does Antigone use in an attempt to persuade Ismene to help her bury Polyneices?


How was Antigone caught?

Eteocles has been given a proper burial, but Creon, Antigone’s uncle who has inherited the throne, has issued a royal edict banning the burial of Polyneices, who he believes was a traitor. Antigone defies the law, buries her brother, and is caught.

What does the chorus say about Creon’s actions?

At first, the Chorus supports Creon’s position, as he is the King of Thebes and is trying to return Thebes to stability after the attempt by Polynices to take Thebes from his brother, Eteocles. Like Creon, the Chorus is in no mood to be lenient on anyone who would honor those who fought, in its eyes, against Thebes.

What are Creon’s motivations?

Creon’s motivation for these decrees is to preserve the integrity of the State, meaning the Kingdom of Thebes, and to insure that the State is preserved through the rule of law. His second motivation is to maintain his own position and authority.

Who is the true tragic hero of Antigone?


Why was Antigone right and Creon wrong?

Antigone was right in defying the King Creon because she had the right to bury her brother and her brother had the right to receive a respectful burial which would honor their family.

Is Creon justified with his reasons?

Creon and Antigone Because Polyneices left Thebes and fought against his own people, Creon felt he was justified in not burying Polyneices’ body. He believed his actions were morally right and the best option for maintaining control over Thebes.

What was the conflict between Antigone and Creon?

The main source of conflict between Antigone and Creon is the issue of the burial of Antigone’s dead brother. Both of her brothers were killed in battle, however one brother fought against their home city and was considered a traitor. Creon issued a law that whoever tries to bury this man will be put to death.

Why did Antigone bury Polyneices?

Antigone’s primary reason for wanting to bury Polynices is that it’s in accordance with divine law. Once someone dies, their body isn’t supposed to be just left to rot out in the streets; they must be buried according to the appropriate funeral rites.

Who caught Antigone burying her brother?

King Creon

Who does Oedipus curse before he died?

Oedipus promises to solve the mystery of Laius’s death, vowing to curse and drive out the murderer. Oedipus sends for Tiresias, the blind prophet, and asks him what he knows about the murder.