Which spelling is correct mam or ma am?

Which spelling is correct mam or ma am?

Ma’am is the short form of madam but we pronounce it as mam. What is right, ma’am or mam? Ma’am is another written form for Madam, which is used to politely or respectfully address a woman.

What is the correct way to write mam?

The British use ‘mam’ to address their mothers and ‘ma’am’ is the shortened form of madam. A lot of people use ‘mam’ rather than using ‘ma’am’; the latter is the correct way to address a lady when you are writing her a mail.

What does Mam mean?

Mam is used to mean mother. You can call your mam ‘Mam’. [British, dialect] You sit here and rest, Mam.

Is it weird to say yes ma am?

In some circles in the south (United States) it is expected that you would always say Sir or Ma’am. It is not unusual to use this language even in social and casual settings. In other parts of the country people are less formal.

What is the highest rank a woman can hold in the military?

Lori Robinson, (born January 27, 1959, Big Spring, Texas, U.S.), U.S. Air Force (USAF) general who served (2016–18) as commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and United States Northern Command (NORTHCOM), becoming the highest-ranking woman in United States military history.

Who was the first female soldier?

Deborah Sampson

Who was the first woman to fight in the Civil War?

They worked as scouts, spies, prison guards, cooks, nurses and they fought in combat. One of the best-documented female soldiers is Sarah Edmonds—her alias was Frank Thompson. She was a Union soldier, and she worked for a long time during the war as a nurse.

What did WASP stand for in the Army?

Women Airforce Service Pilots

What is a WASP girl?

Female WWII Pilots: The Original Fly Girls About 1,100 young women flew military aircraft stateside during World War II as part of a program called Women Airforce Service Pilots — WASP for short. These civilian volunteers ferried and tested planes so male pilots could head to combat duty.

What was the controversy with the fallen WASPs?

In 1977, WASP records were unsealed after an Air Force press release erroneously stated the Air Force was training the first women to fly military aircraft for the U.S. Documents were compiled that showed during their service WASP members were subject to military discipline, assigned top secret missions and many …

Why are WASPs disbanded?

Due to political pressures and the increasing availability of male pilots, the WASPs were disbanded effective on Dec. 20, 1944, with no benefits. The exploits of these dedicated women were largely ignored by the U.S. government for more than 30 years.

Are any of the WASPs still alive?

There are 37 living WASPs today, according to Kimberly Johnson, the archivist and curator of the WASP archive at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Tex.

What happened in 1977 to the WASPs?

In the fall of 1977, both the House and the Senate voted to grant the WASPs military status and to make the women pilots eligible for veterans benefits. For many of the WASPs, the victory meant more than financial support from the government. It was an acknowledgment of their service and accomplishments during the war.

Was Amelia Earhart a wasp?

Amelia Earhart is known as one of the world’s most celebrated aviators. Earhart has become a symbol of perseverance for American women. Her accomplishments has inspired generations of female aviators, including more than 1,000 women pilots in the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs) who flew during World War II.

Who was the first woman to break the sound barrier?


How many WASPs died in WWII?

WWII WASPs [WOMEN AIR FORCE SERVICE PILOTS] 38 Died in the Service of the Country. There were 1,078 WASPs that served their country during WWII. Thirty-eight died in non-battle [DNB] stateside, and are listed here in this virtual cemetery.

What planes did the WASPs fly?

WASP Joann Garrett flew twin-engine B-26 planes and C-60 transport aircraft at Army Air Bases in Texas and Kansas in service to her country. Referring to themselves as “Avenger Girls,” the Women Airforce Service Pilots were superheroes of aviation.

What did WASP stand for?

The acronym WASP derives, of course, from White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, but as acronyms go, this one is more deficient than most. Lots of people, including powerful figures and some presidents, have been white, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant but were far from being WASPs.

How many WASPs lost their lives during the war?

In December 1944, as the need for combat pilots declined, the WASPs were inactivated. In its 28-month life, the WASP organization drew 25,000 applicants; 1,830 were accepted, 1,074 won their wings, and 38 lost their lives taking part in a wide range of domestic flying duties.

Did WASP pilots fly overseas?

There’s a myth that the WASP ferried aircraft overseas. Fact: They did not. General William H. Tunner assigned his two top women pilots, Nancy Love and her second-in-command, Betty Gillies, to ferry one B-17 in a group of 200 B-17s bound for Prestwick, Scotland, in September 1943.

What did waves stand for in ww2?

Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service