Which statement best explains why this text is realistic fiction the story involves a conflict between faith and fitting in?

Which statement best explains why this text is realistic fiction the story involves a conflict between faith and fitting in?

A, The story involves a conflict between faith and fitting in. Explanation: Correct on Edge 2020.

What is the best description of realistic fiction?

REALISTIC FICTION is a genre consisting of stories that could have actually occurred to people or animals in a believable setting. These stories resemble real life, and fictional characters within these stories react similarly to real people.

Which statement best explains how the narrative tone reveals a unique perspective?

Answer Expert Verified. In the narrative “Does My Head Look Big in This?” by Randa Abdel-Fattah, the narrative tone reveals a unique perspective: The narrator’s frustration helps readers understand what it is like to be a teenager.

How does the caption develop the central idea the veil?

How does the caption develop the central idea? It shows that most women choose not to protest wearing veils. It demonstrates the differing opinions among women in Iranian society. It illustrates that there is strong anti-religious sentiment in Iran.

Why does Hooper wear the veil?

Hooper wears a black veil in order to hide his face [or its particular features] from the gaze of others and from himself (when he looks in the mirror) JUST AS [or: to symbolize the fact that] everyone else in the community puts on a fa ade of righteousness and innocence in order to hide his sinfulness from the …

What is a mourning veil?

The mourning veil was often described as a means of shielding the mourner, and hiding her grief, though mourning dress was also a form of public display, viewed by some women as an outer expression of inner feelings.” In other words, the black, veiled attire came to embody the very thing it set out to hide.

How long should a widow mourn?

Loved ones and relatives are to observe a three-day mourning period. Widows observe an extended mourning period (Iddah), four months and ten days long, in accordance with the Qur’an 2:234. During this time, she is not to remarry, move from her home, or wear decorative clothing or jewelry.

Why do we wear black for mourning?

Donning dark colours for mourning has been strongly associated with death and loss for centuries in the west and is a practice believed to date back to the Roman times. In Western cultures, black clothing was worn as a social symbol to let others know a person was mourning.

Is it OK to wear a hat to a funeral?

Use your best judgment on the type of hat that might be appropriate for a funeral. As a rule, baseball caps, visors, tiaras, and beanies are best left at home. If you can rock a fedora, go for it.

Do ladies wear hats to funerals?

Similar to men’s funeral attire, black clothing isn’t always compulsory for women but it is best to wear a dark coloured skirt, dress or pair of trousers. In some religions and cultures, women may wear hats to funerals.

What should you not wear to a funeral?

As far as the style, men should avoid wearing jeans, short-sleeved shirts, athletic shoes, and baseball caps. Women should avoid wearing very casual, festive, or revealing clothing, flip-flops, sandals, or sneakers.

Who wears a veil at a funeral?

The modern practice of women wearing black veils to funerals is in large part derived from the mourning traditions of the Victorian Era. Although the mourning veil is not as common as it once was, some women continue to wear it as a fashionable way to show their respect for the deceased.

Why do they cover your face before closing the casket?

By placing a tissue or cloth over the face and hands, the chance of staining is eliminated. This is especially important when using a rental casket. We never know when a family member needs and will request “one last look” before burial or cremation.

Can I wear a sleeveless dress to a funeral?

Ladies may wear a sleeveless dress with a tailored jacket, sweater, or shawl over it. A pantsuit or dress pants and a jacket are now acceptable for funerals. Remember that a nice jacket can complete your outfit and make it funeral ready. Don’t wear anything that makes noise.

What colors are appropriate for a funeral?

Black is the traditional color for funeral services. It’s generally acceptable to wear non-black clothing, such as dark blue or gray. Stick with subdued colors and fabric textures so that you don’t pull attention away from the person who is being honored. Avoid red, bright pink, orange, yellow, or other bright colors.