Which text features provide structure in this passage from Widget Corp is Social Media Policy select three responses?

Which text features provide structure in this passage from Widget Corp is Social Media Policy select three responses?

Explanation: The text features that provide structure in this passage from Widget Corp’s social media policy are : A roman numeral: A Roman numerals can be seen as a number system which was developed in ancient Rome in which letters are said to represent numbers.

Which are text features of functional workplace documents select four responses?

The correct answers are “a subheading”, “a heading”, “a roman numeral list” and “a bulleted list”.

How are the graphic features included in this workplace document helpful quizlet?

How are the graphic features included in this workplace document helpful? The illustrations help readers better visualize how the completed task should look. The illustrations help employees correctly sort the items by showing what they look like.

What text feature does the author use to highlight each section?


What are the 5 different text structures?

This lesson teaches five common text structures used in informational and nonfiction text: description, sequence, cause and effect, compare and contrast, and problem and solution.

What is a diagram text feature?

A diagram is a drawing or picture that has labels showing the important parts. Diagram. Headings. A heading is a title found at the top of a page or section of text. It is often written in larger, bold print, and lets the reader know what that section will be about.

What is a diagram example?

In science the term is used in both ways. For example, Anderson (1997) stated more generally: “diagrams are pictorial, yet abstract, representations of information, and maps, line graphs, bar charts, engineering blueprints, and architects’ sketches are all examples of diagrams, whereas photographs and video are not”.

What is the best reason to use a diagram?

The best reason to use a diagram is to provide images of events described in the text.

What are the 9 UML diagrams?

List of UML Diagram Types

  • Structure Diagrams. Class Diagram. Component Diagram. Deployment Diagram. Object Diagram. Package Diagram. Profile Diagram. Composite Structure Diagram.
  • Behavioral Diagrams. Use Case Diagram. Activity Diagram. State Machine Diagram. Sequence Diagram. Communication Diagram. Interaction Overview Diagram.

How do you explain a diagram?

The definition of a diagram is a graph, chart, drawing or plan that explains something by showing how the parts relate to each other. An example of diagram is a chart showing how all the departments within an organization are related.

Is a chart a diagram?

The main difference between Diagram and Chart is that the Diagram is a plan, drawing, sketch or outline to show how something works or the relationships between the parts of a whole and Chart is a graphical representation of data.

What makes a good diagram?

The balance between the positive (objects) and the negative (whitespace) is fundamental to create an aesthetic pleasing diagram. Whitespace can help to emphasize particular elements but also help to balance the objects in the diagram. Using too much whitespace and a relationship between two objects may get lost.

How many types of diagrams are there?

13 different types

How many types of UML diagrams are there?

14 different

What are the 16 types of chart?

  • Column Chart. Column charts use vertical columns to show numerical comparisons between categories, and the number of columns should not be too large (the labels of the axis may appear incomplete if there are too many columns).
  • Bar Chart.
  • Line Chart.
  • Area Chart.
  • Pie Chart.
  • Scatter Plot.
  • Bubble Chart.
  • Gauge.

What is a type diagram?

General diagram types are diagrams with specific shapes and methodology present with multiple specific types in multiple fields of application.

What are the four types of diagram?

  • Simple Bar Chart.
  • Multiple Bar Chart or Cluster Chart.
  • Stacked Bar Chart or Sub-Divided Bar Chart or Component Bar Chart. Simple Component Bar Chart. Percentage Component Bar Chart. Sub-Divided Rectangular Bar Chart. Pie Chart.

What is activity diagram example?

Activity diagram is another important diagram in UML to describe the dynamic aspects of the system. Activity diagram is basically a flowchart to represent the flow from one activity to another activity. The activity can be described as an operation of the system.

What is class diagram?

In software engineering, a class diagram in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a type of static structure diagram that describes the structure of a system by showing the system’s classes, their attributes, operations (or methods), and the relationships among objects.

What is multiplicity class diagram?

Multiplicity can be set for attributes, operations, and associations in a UML class diagram, and for associations in a use case diagram. The multiplicity is an indication of how many objects may participate in the given relationship or the allowable number of instances of the element.

What is a design class diagram?

A design class diagram (DOD) illustrates the specifications for software classes and interfaces (for. example, Java interfaces) in an application.

Which sign is used for package visibility?

If an element that is owned by a package has visibility, it could be only public or private visibility. Protected or package visibility is not allowed. The visibility of a package element may be indicated by preceding the name of the element by a visibility symbol (“+” for public and “-” for private).

What is profile diagram in UML?

A Profile diagram is any diagram created in a «profile» Package. Profiles provide a means of extending the UML. They are based on additional stereotypes and Tagged Values that are applied to UML elements, connectors and their components.

What is dependency in package diagram?

A dependency is a relationship that signifies that a single or a set of model elements requires other model elements for their specification or implementation. This means that the complete semantics of the depending elements is either semantically or structurally dependent on the definition of the supplier element(s).

Which diagram is used to show interactions between messages?

sequence diagram

Which diagrams are used to distribute files?

Discussion Forum

Que. The diagrams which are used to distribute files, libraries and tables across topology of hardware are called
b. use case diagrams
c. sequence diagrams
d. collaboration diagrams
Answer:deployment diagrams

How do you show condition in a sequence diagram?

Selection and Loops in a Combination

  1. if -> (opt) [condition]
  2. if/else -> (alt) [condition], separated by horizontal dashed line.
  3. loop -> (loop) [condition or items to loop over]

What are the two types of interaction diagram?

We have two types of interaction diagrams in UML. The sequence diagram captures the time sequence of the message flow from one object to another and the collaboration diagram describes the organization of objects in a system taking part in the message flow.

Which text feature if added would best aid the reader’s understanding of this passage?

Answer: The text feature, if added, that would best aid the reader’s understanding of this passage is a heading that indicates the text’s purpose.

How do text features aid the reader’s understanding of the passage?

Text features also help readers determine what is important to the text and to them. Without a table of contents or an index, readers can spend wasted time flipping through the book to find the information they need. Special print helps draw the attention of the reader to important or key words and phrases.

How does the use of subheadings aid in the reader’s understanding of the passage?

To organize the information and inform the readers what the paragraph is about. The subheadings do fit in does two categories. They tell the reader what the paragraph is about like the main idea of the passage. It helps the reader know what this about and understand a little bit more.

When previewing a text Lea decides to use the text features to help her?

The previewing of a text is a strategy that readers use to recall prior knowledge and set a purpose for reading. In essence, readers is simply perusing through the text to get the main points in the text. This helps readers retain information as they read.

How do good readers read?

During reading, good readers read words accurately and quickly, and simultaneously deal with the meanings of those words — as well as the meanings of the phrases and sentences into which the words are grouped. Good readers connect the meaning of one sentence to the meaning of another.

What two text features does the text include?

Text features include all the components of a story or article that are not the main body of text. These include the table of contents, index, glossary, headings, bold words, sidebars, pictures and captions, and labeled diagrams.